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December 31, 2015 AT 08:18 PM EST

Happy New Year from The Challenge, where disaster surely has struck. MTV aired back-to-back new episodes on Wednesday detailing two very different, very personal fights. First up, in “A House Divided,” Aneesa and KellyAnne break the house apart, and in “Dirty Little Secret,” Johnny betrays Nany in a brutal, unprecedented way. Let’s get right to it, starting with episode 5.

Last week ended on a cliffhanger as the red team beat the blue team yet again, this time in trivia. As the teams headed off into their deliberations, it became clear this week the vets would divide the male rookies so they could destroy each other from within.

Mike — Abram’s brother/bloodline — volunteers himself, and while Nany calls it a noble gesture, his own blue team dismisses his suggestion. After back-room negotiating, which includes convincing Aneesa to side with the vets instead of Mitch/Cory/Raphy/Dario, they decide to throw Raphy into the pit.

The move makes Aneesa a pariah to pseudo-lover Cory, and he’s basically like, “You’re dead to me.” The vets’ plan rolls on as the red team votes for Mitch. But the voting goes off the rails as the rookies get heated and Dario throws low blows toward Nany and Nicole. “Know your role,” Nany says over and over again as the Are You The One? alum slings disses her way. “The only role you know is on Johnny’s lap,” he says.

Not cool, bro.

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A fight breaks out between Bananas, Nany, Dario, and Raphy while Abram narrates with that insane twinkle in his eye: “Hit each other. Everyone get out of the way — just hit each other.” Terrifying.

Cory goes on a rant about how Aneesa betrayed him and she showed “her true colors,” but after he’s played her for multiple episodes, it’s basically impossible to get on his side. People throw each other in all the time, dude. What did she owe you when she’s clearly aligned with the vets? Nada.

The ep’s slow boil continues to the club, where all great decisions are made, and the ripple between KellyAnne and Aneesa becomes an all out brawl.

Let’s break it down: Dario and Raphy make fun of Nany, who’s dancing and hanging out with Aneesa. They’re shown talking smack about KellyAnne, who’s been in Dario and Raphy’s corner since Day 1. Aneesa gets mad at KellyAnne for…something…and throws a drink in her face. “KellyAnne irks my soul,” she says. They’re slurring and messy and get in each other’s faces. Then it gets awful:

Aneesa: “You’re 29, and you look at least seven years older than me.”

KellyAnne: “Oh honey, you look at least 45. Is that your black skin?”

Nope. Nope. Nope. The entire house breaks down after news of KellyAnne’s remark spreads. Rianna’s devastated on Aneesa’s behalf. Mitch takes care of KellyAnne, telling her she’s a “fan favorite.” (This is truly one of the most depressing scenes of the season since she’s also saying over and over “I’m not a racist” and calls Aneesa a “fatass…. It’s not petty; she’s huge.” Cruel.)

Everything unravels, and Aneesa just tells the camera, “I’m broken.”

The pit gets underway, and after Mitch loses his lead in the strength competition — the two play an elaborate game of tug-of-war with a giant chain attached to their chests — to Raphy, Dario thinks his brother’s won. He then pushes Raphy off the runway area where he’s competing, helping Mitch gain the momentum he needs to beat Raphy. Dario and Raphy are sent home.

The confessionals say it all: “Super stupid.” “So dumb.” “Such an idiot.” And the episode ends with the house divided at its lowest low.

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