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October 30, 2016 AT 09:27 PM EDT

Season 3 of The Fall is back, which means we finally get to find out what happens to Paul Spector, Stella Gibson, and everyone we love in Belfast. Now that the entire season is up on Netflix, we’re breaking down what happens in all six episodes. There’s one episode recap per page, so dig in!

EPISODE 1: “Silence and Suffering”

It’s official: We’ve made it to round three of the Paul Spector-Stella Gibson battle. And believe it or not, it’s still unclear who will walk away the victor. Sure, you could make the argument that Paul has confessed to multiple murders, but there’s also the little fact that he was shot in police custody and is currently residing in the ICU, monitored by nothing more than one nurse (who looks eerily like someone he’d have picked as a victim).

The third (and final?) season of The Fall picks up right where we left off, with Paul — and eventually, Anderson — being rushed to the hospital after being shot by hot-head James Tyler, who died at the scene. Also at the hospital is Rose Stagg, who is stable after surviving in the trunk of her car for days on end.

With multiple people fighting for their lives, Stella is left to fight for her job. Or rather, Burns does it for her. When Burns is called to HQ, he assures them that Stella should remain the lead on this case. He also assures them that he can “manage her,” which we all know is a lie.

As Paul is rushed into surgery, Stella checks in on Tom, who was shot in the arm and could have career-ending nerve damage. (Key word: could. We’re not sure yet.) But it’s not his career that Tom wants to discuss. “Why did you run to him,” he asks Stella. In the moment that both he and Paul were shot, Stella went straight for Paul, and as Tom puts it, she sounded “anguished.”

Stella explains that she knew Paul’s injuries were worse, but when Tom pushes her, she admits that she didn’t want it to end like that — no court, no punishment, no closure for the victims’ families. As she says, “I want him to live so that he can be tried and sentenced and spend the rest of his life in prison.”

Needless to say, Paul makes it through his surgery and ends up in the very same ICU where Tom Stagg is currently visiting Rose, who’s yet to say anything. As for Paul’s family, Sally tells her kids — Paul’s son makes a long-awaited reappearance! — that their father was involved in a “car accident,” which apparently sets something off in Olivia’s mind because next thing we know, Olivia is stealing her mother’s computer to look at a photo of her father with the words “The Face of a Killer?” written above it. So that should be fun.

And then of course there’s Katie, who hears that Paul was shot on the news and freaks out before her mother reminds her that she can’t see him due to her bail conditions.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, things get … weird. After Stella sneaks into Paul’s room to watch him breathe, she returns to the general ICU area, where some old woman calls her “sweetheart” and tells her “I’m glad you’ve come.” Stella sits next to her and holds her hand but says nothing. Are we to believe this is Stella’s mother? I’m so confused.

More importantly, back in Paul’s room, he opens his eyes … only to close them as soon as the nurse turns around. Translation: He’s not only awake, but he’s already scheming. Let round three truly begin!

Episode grade: B

—Samantha Highfill

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