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The Good Wife

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Elsbeth Tascioni is easily my favorite non-regular recurring character on The Good Wife. So I was thrilled when the quirky litigator (played by the brilliant Carrie Preston) made her season 4 debut. And based on the episode’s conclusion, it looks like we’ll be getting a lot more Elsbeth in the future — but more on that later.

Alicia received a call from Elsbeth early in the morning. The call interrupted Alicia’s breakfast with Zach and Grace — not to mention some, ahem, sexy daydreams. Elsbeth had managed to get herself arrested, and she needed Alicia’s help handling a contract enforcement arbitration. Erobos, a shoe company, had reneged on her client Anna’s endorsement deal.

Elsbeth tried to question Simon Fassel, the CEO of Erobos, following a speech he made, but Simon had her arrested for harassment. Since she was unable to attend the arbitration meeting — you know, since she was in jail and all — she sought out Alicia’s help. Unfortunately, Elsbeth was in a Skokie jail on a Friday. If she didn’t get a bond hearing that day, she’d be stuck in the suburbs for the weekend. So while Alicia tried to get her transferred out of Skokie, Will had to step in for the contract negotiation.

It seemed like an easy deal: Anna’s endorsement contract was iron clad, and she won two silver medals. They couldn’t argue against her performance. Anna’s commercial never aired, but since payment was not dependent on distribution, it was clear Anna was still entitled to her $5 million. (And that reminds me, how can I get an endorsement deal?!) But this is TV we’re talking about, where nothing is that simple: Erobos’ lawyers said they had a right to void a contract with any athlete once he or she had been banned from a race for doping. Anna’s most recent drug test showed signs of an illegal substance. As a result, she would be banned from her upcoming race. And that was all Erobos needed to void her contract.

So while Elsbeth was stuck in jail, Will had to prepare an appeal for the AADL’s decision. This involved going to the Court of Arbitration for Sport, or CAS. Elsbeth warned Alicia that the CAS wasn’t run like the American courts. Nonetheless, Will was totally unprepared for what was about to happen. I’d type something clever in French to illustrate my point, but I, along with Will, do not speak a lick of French. And I don’t think this counts.

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