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March 02, 2015 AT 08:17 PM EST

The Good Wife

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The Good Wife has been on a much-too-long eight-week hiatus. But thankfully, Alicia Florrick & Co. are back in our Sunday night lives. So let’s dive right in to “Parallel Construction, Bitches.” The episode opened up at Alicia’s apartment while she and Grace watched the fake AMC show Darkness At Noon. (Sample dialogue: “There are lines, and then there are lines!”) But their TV viewing was interrupted by Charles Lester (returning guest star Wallace Shawn). As you’ll recall, Mr. Lester is Lemond Bishop’s personal “spokesman” and all-around shady guy. Anyway, Mr. Lester told Alicia they had a Lemond Bishop problem. Of course! Because when Lemond Bishop’s around, there’s usually a problem.

Unsurprisingly, Mr. Bishop had been accused of moving drugs at one of his properties, and the DEA had a witness willing to testify that she saw the illegal activity in question. So off to court they went, with Lockhart/Gardner on hand to represent Bishop’s legitimate businesses. Judge Kluger (Jeffrey Tambor) was presiding and Frank Asher (guest star Jack Davenport) was heading up the prosecution. [Ed. note: It’s pretty weird to hear Jack Davenport’s American accent. I’d rather him stick to his true British form. And yes, I’m choosing to ignore Smash like most of America did.] Asher believed he could easily establish probable cause with the aforementioned testimony from the witness, Angela Moretti (Kim Director).

But it’s Will Gardner to the rescue! He called Howard Lyman to the stand. Based on our previous encounters with Howard Lyman, you would have thought this would be a total disaster. But fortunately, Lyman had proof that he was with Ms. Moretti during the time of the alleged drug transport. The DEA quickly amended their story to say that Bishop was moving product the day before. Kluger wasn’t too pleased with the DEA’s flip-flopping: “You can’t do this. You tell a story, and you stick to it.”

Speaking of Judge Kluger, earlier this season he called Alicia and asked her to lunch. And in this episode, the two were going to follow through with their outing. Apparently, Kluger just wanted to talk to Alicia about a book he was writing about lawyers. But now that he was overseeing the case of the week, Alicia wondered if she should cancel. Cary convinced her to keep the meeting. And it was as weird as you would expect: Alicia was running late from a meeting with Mr. Lester, and Kluger seemed miffed by her tardiness. He told her another judge just called him, and promptly left. When Alicia tried to reschedule at the end of the episode, he told her he decided not to write the book. But he is learning Mandarin! What’s his deal?

Anyway, back to Lemond Bishop’s case: Mr. Lester and Lemond Bishop came to Alicia to tell her there was no way the witness could have seen him moving product a day earlier because he was, in fact, moving drugs on the original day. So the witness couldn’t have seen it, but that meant the DEA knew about the drugs from another, unusable source. Lester assumed it had to be a confidential informant, and then accused Florrick/Agos of leaking the information to the prosecution.

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