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Breia Brissey
March 02, 2015 AT 07:52 PM EST

If you were at all worried about The Good Wife maintaining its level of awesomeness following last week’s explosive “Hitting the Fan” episode, I hope “The Next Day” quelled your fears. Sure, it wasn’t the same high-octane, stress-inducing hour of television delivered to us last Sunday. But it was still crazy good, and proof that this show can successfully move forward with two law firms instead of one. So let’s dive right in.

A Lion King-esque sunrise/opening showed Diane, Will, and Alicia respectively waking up in their own beds the morning after the game-changing events of last week. Diane was nervous about facing her final case as a lawyer, and her new husband, Kurt, gave her a not-so-peppy pep talk about the day ahead. Will woke up with a pretty blonde — perhaps an insight into how Will deals with his stress. And finally, in a role reversal, Alicia was awoken by Grace because she’d overslept. “Brush your teeth, and do not lose any more clients.” Good advice, Grace.

With Florrick/Agos still in temporary offices (a.k.a. Alicia’s apartment), the new firm’s first order of business was to find a legitimate working space. But before Alicia could accomplish any work, she was interrupted by Marilyn Garbanza (Melissa George), the chair of Peter’s ethics commission. Marilyn had just learned of Alicia’s new firm and insisted that she go over all the potential ethical conundrums with Florrick/Agos & Associates. Alicia didn’t have time for Marilyn’s unexpected arrival, but all attempts to deter her were thwarted. Marilyn is one persistent lady.

Marilyn returned later that day, set on delivering a PowerPoint on the ethical rules of a startup. But her morning sickness impeded her work. That’s right! Marilyn’s eggo is preggo. The obvious assumption here is that Peter’s responsible. But it’s got to be a red herring. Eli’s concern with Marilyn from the beginning was the “optics” of the situation. And that’s all I think this is: It just looks bad. Peter’s too high on Alicia right now to have knocked up Marilyn already. Anyway, Alicia was sympathetic to Marilyn’s delicate state and eventually agreed to Marilyn’s staff presentation.

Marilyn couldn’t wait until the agreed upon time, though. She questioned Cary about the firm’s acquisition of Chumhum and Peter’s involvement in regard to his speech about Internet taxation. When Alicia found out Marilyn had talked to Cary, she wasn’t too happy. Yes, Peter had been at Alicia’s apartment when they learned about Chumhum. But Peter didn’t know what was going on, because he was busy having sex with Alicia. Marilyn insisted that she was just working in Peter’s the Governor’s best interest, but Alicia was hesitant to buy what Marilyn was selling. “You’re right not to trust me, Alicia. My job is both friendly and antagonistic.” But again, Marilyn assured Alicia she was only out to protect both Alicia and Peter’s ethical interests.

NEXT: Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos battle over representation on the case of the week….

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