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The Good Wife

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Keeping with the trend of time-titled episodes following “Hitting the Fan,” The Good Wife treated us to “The Next Month,” which furthered the story lines of Florrick/Agos trying to stay afloat and Lockhart/Gardner trying to achieve world domination. Speaking of domination, star Josh Charles directed the episode! And with a lot of great scenes, I bet it was a fun project to helm.

Anyway, the case of the week revolved around the return of America Fererra’s Natalie Flores. The last time we saw Natalie in season 2, she and Eli had a bit of a flirtation, but her boyfriend and their age difference ended things before they even began. A friend of Natalie’s was facing deportation, so she went to see Alicia at Lockhart/Gardner, unaware of Alicia’s new job situation. Unsurprisingly, David Lee didn’t want to meet with her. He told the receptionist to send her on her way, but Howard Lyman stepped in to take the meeting. So you can probably guess how it went.

In his effort to break the ice, Howard made Natalie (and me) very uncomfortable. While she tried to explain her friend’s case, he made comments about the women, dresses, and drinks found in Mexico. So unsurprisingly, Natalie located Alicia to take her business far away from the creepy Howard.

Alicia & Co. found new (read: cheap) office space in an old T-shirt factory, so they spent the episode trying to move in to their new digs. The building is definitely a fixer-upper, but I bet Alicia’s apartment is pretty relieved. Natalie found their new space and presented the case to Alicia: Her friend Tomas was an undocumented immigrant who faced deportation unless he agreed to testify against a high-ranking member of a drug cartel. Alicia knew Tomas would not likely be able to pay for the firm’s services, but they felt that Natalie’s connections to New York lobbyist Joe Pallotta would be enough to make it worth their while. Pallotta controls more than $90 million in client billing, and they decided to take a risk helping out Natalie in order to get future work.

But because of their dire financial straits, Florrick/Agos was having to consider other cuts. At the recommendation of Clarke Hayden, the two Carys discussed laying off the last person they hired, who was Robyn. Robyn overheard their conversation and went into panic mode. She met with Kalinda to potentially reclaim her old job. But instead of her job, Kalinda gave Robyn some advice: Make yourself indispensable.

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