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March 02, 2015 AT 10:07 PM EST

Well, the title of this episode pretty much sums it up: “A Weird Year.” And what a weird year it’s been. Alicia and Cary created Florrick/Agos. Peter battled a ballot-box scandal. The NSA listened in to everyone’s conversations. We lost our beloved Will Gardner. (Still not over it.) And Peter and Alicia created an arrangement in which they stay married but sleep with whomever the want. It’s been a messy and complicated season, which has translated into the best the show has ever had. The Good Wife has so stepped up its game that some — I’m one of them — are saying it’s quite possibly the best drama currently on television. So before we come to terms with the show’s summer hiatus, let’s talk about the season 5 finale:

The episode opened up with a crying Yulia Gopnik. She’s the woman suing both Lockhart/Gardner and Florrick/Agos for a failed adoption. Lockhart/Gardner initially handled the adoption, but it fell through when it was blocked by the Chippewa nation. David Lee attempted to bribe the tribe, and in an effort to keep himself out of hot water, the blame was shifted to Alicia. Since the suit was to the tune of $6 million, they were all taking it pretty seriously. Unfortunately, because of everyone’s busy schedules, they were having to negotiate via a teleconferencing system.

And therein lies the basis of the episode: The team at Lockhart/Gardner failed to turn off their teleconferencing system after that morning’s meeting. Carey Zepps discovered the firm’s mistake and was watching the LG conference room feed like it was Sunday night TV. When Clarke Hayden realized what was going on, he tried to get Carey to stop listening in. The two fought over the TV’s mute button like kids, and, appropriately enough, Mom and Dad had to come settle the argument. And by Mom and Dad, I obviously mean Alicia and Cary.

The new ABA rules established that the lawyer must consult with the client in cases of inadvertent disclosure. And in this particular case, the client happened to be Alicia. She decided to take the high road and turn off the TV…until she overheard Louis Canning and David Lee plotting to destroy Florrick/Agos in the next 48 hours. “That changes everything!” Yup, it sure does.

The crew at Florrick/Agos tried to figure out what Louis Canning was planning for their firm’s destruction, assuming there was something going on with Mrs. Gopnik. So they decided to use the teleconferencing “surveillance” to their advantage. Clarke Hayden rightfully pointed out that it was just like the NSA listening in on them — but situational ethics always lead to interesting decisions.

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