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March 28, 2016 AT 02:02 AM EDT

The Good Wife

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As The Good Wife is heading into its last batch of episodes ever, everyone is having to face some major life decisions. There’s the ongoing war at Lockhart, Agos & Lee, along with Peter’s now-inevitable indictment. And then there’s the brand new war of Jason vs. Peter — because when two men are that tall, they have to fight, right?

We start this episode back in bed with Alicia and Jason. Alicia has questions about Jason’s religion, though oddly not as many as she has about Grace’s religion. But their time is cut short when Diane calls Alicia into court. As for Jason, she tells him to stay in bed all day so that she can picture him and [insert dirty stuff here]. 

But Alicia’s supposedly sexy proposition turns dangerous when Peter uses his key — why does he still have a key?! — to enter Alicia’s apartment. Of course, he finds Jason in his boxers, and it takes about 5 seconds for Peter to slap the coffee cup out of Jason’s hand and inform him: “We are still marred.” 

Jason, who doesn’t even flinch at Peter’s rage, simply goes back into Alicia’s bedroom to get dressed. He then evades all of Peter’s questions — they really are meant for Alicia — and then simply tells Peter, “You’re in my way.” At this point, I am LOVING THIS. Finally Alicia has a man tall enough to stare down Peter!

Peter contemplates kicking Jason’s ass, to which Jason tells him, “You could try,” before Peter finally steps aside and lets Jason leave. The bad news for Alicia? By the time she gets home that night, Jason is long gone and probably rethinking everything.

But before she can deal with that, Alicia’s in court, where she and Diane are defending Max Medina — his real name is Mr. Nachmann, but he’s Max Medina to me — in a drone case. Long story short, he’s a therapist and some of his clients quit after noticing a drone flying over his house. But seeing as the drone is used for security purposes at, Judge Dunaway declares that it can fly.

And when Max Medina later shoots said drone out of the sky — losing Lorelai has clearly led to anger issues — Diane and Alicia once again lose when their client is forced to pay damages. Oh, but that’s not all! Max Medina then shoots another drone out of the sky, but this time using some sort of technology called a Drone Dropper. Basically, what we learn is that there is a frighteningly low amount of regulation on drones, and as a result, Diane and Alicia are really never going to win this case. (But at least they lose it to the likable Caitlin, played by Anna Camp.)

Meanwhile, back at the office, the gender war has officially begun. First, Diane and Cary move Howard down to the 27th floor to give Alicia a better office. Then, David decides to fire back by burying Lucca under a 50-state survey. And when Alicia asks Cary for help with the Lucca situation, Cary in exchange asks Alicia not to side with Diane. But in a very frustrating moment, Alicia continues to pretend she doesn’t know what’s going on. She claims it’s between Diane and Cary and that she cannot take sides.

But that later changes when Diane proposes that they make Alicia a named partner. Cary says no, but when David Lee figures out a way to make things more beneficial for him — read: he can get more money — he makes a deal with Diane to vote for Alicia to become a named partner. And with that, Cary’s mind is made up: He’s quitting.

He likes being a lawyer, but all of the politics behind being a partner have worn him out. So he’s having Diane buy him out. And for now, he and his loosened tie are walking away from Alicia. (But don’t worry. This can’t be the last we see of him considering he’s been subpoenaed in Peter’s case.)

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