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Ray Rahman
July 22, 2013 AT 03:00 AM EDT

When we last left the grayscale world of The Killing, Bullet was at a diner desperately trying to get a hold of Holder, who had had enough of the street urchin’s riff raff for the day. All the while, a mysterious car pulled up outside and observed Bullet in a fashion that freaked the rest of us out. Who was the driver? What did they want? Would Bullet be the next victim?

Those questions were put on the backburner as this week’s episode (directed, it should be noted, by the great Jonathan Demme) began. After a noticeable absence, this hour began with the wonderful Amy Seimetz, whose Danette walks home only the find the door open and the inside trashed. For a moment she thinks it might be Kallie returning home, but, alas. Who should she find inside? None other than her slimey cab-driving pervert ex Joe.

Cut to Linden and Holder, loitering at a grade school and watching Picasso (Adrian) watch them in class. Not for long, though — they rush to Danette’s, who’s the victim of a cut face, stolen money, a jacked car, and missing camping and fishing gear. Because, you know, the weather’s so nice out.

Oh, also he’s got a storage unit which just begs for some investigatin’. Linden and Holder check it out, but it turns out to be more than just a closet: it’s also a makeshift apartment for Joe to crash in. In fact, he’s already in the vicinity, leading to an epic chase that gets Linden beaten up and bloodied. (Between this and her recent joyride with the Pastor, she’s been having a rough stretch.) Holder comes to her rescue, and eventually the rest of the gang arrive to help root around the storage container. And then, boom: a box full of rings, courtesy of Reddick.

“We got him!” Reddick, ever hasty, exclaims. Feeling all celebratory, he’s ready to hit the pub and buy a round for the team, but of course it’s not that simple. It never is. Linden looks in the box and finds… a bullet.

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