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January 14, 2015 AT 04:44 AM EST

It’s official: Mindy really loves Danny.

Okay, okay, so we knew this already—but it’s something that became extra apparent tonight when she rejected Lee Pace, a man whose eyebrows alone could make a girl fall in love—and that did make Mindy want to have sex with him even in his nerdy college days.

Let’s back up: Mindy and Danny are doing the whole long distance thing now that Danny is back in NYC and Mindy is studying away at Stanford, so she’s spending quite a bit of time stalking—er, keeping in touch—with her beau. But Danny encourages her to enjoy her time in California, and she takes this advice by recruiting Gurgler (brokenhearted over last week’s news that his wife’s a cheater) for a night out on the town. Nothing like some supervisor/student alcohol-fueled bonding!

While Mindy’s hanging with Gurgler, Danny’s making Morgan’s day—nay, life—by inviting him over for some bro time. Bro time turns into an evening of eavesdropping though once the two see Lauren, Jeremy’s girlfriend, entering Peter’s apartment. Morgan can’t resist investigating, so he and Danny spend what is probably an inappropriate amount of time with their ears pressed to the wall (beers still in hand though—priorities!) until they hear some good (or bad, depending on which side of the love triangle you’re on) stuff.

As those two play nosey neighbors, Mindy’s yelling at an inattentive bartender who serves a tall, handsome white man before serving her. She makes her feelings known to said handsome man, who recognizes her—and who she soon realizes is the guy who took her virginity back in 2004. And now we know what Mindy and Danny’s inevitable obstacle of the week is: Alex (a.k.a. Lee Pace).

Mindy brings Alex back to the table and, naturally, recounts the story of their romp to Gurgler. Here’s the story: Mindy wanted to lose her V-card, so she surveyed her prospects—her best ones at the time, she says, were “white guys who are into Asian stuff”—and chose Alex, a ponytail-sporting martial arts enthusiast who definitely would be considered a white guy into Asian stuff. They had a great first time with each other, so great that Alex chopped off his ponytail Mulan-style post-sex. The end.

Anyway, now Alex is a start-up success story who says obnoxious things like “BitCoin for your thoughts!” on accident. For some reason (the eyebrows), Mindy finds him attractive and is all smiles—especially when Alex reveals he emailed her a few years ago when he was in New York. Mindy never got the email because it went to her college address, but she pulls it up in her spam folder and it’s confirmed: She and Alex could have had a second time if only she had checked her email.

Back on the East Coast, Danny and Morgan find out that Lauren was over at Peter’s to drop off her baby for him to sit for the evening—but it’s too late, because Morgan already summoned Jeremy over with news about cheating. So when Jeremy storms in, he’s expecting a story about infidelity. And instead of telling the truth or a convenient fib, Morgan makes up the most inconvenient lie: He says he’s the one who cheated… with Mindy. With Danny standing right there.

Last week’s New York plot was a bit boring with Mindy and Danny gone, but the magic is back now that Danny’s in the 212 and able to interact with the quirky weirdos that are Morgan, Jeremy, and everyone else in the office. Left without supervision, as they were last week, these characters tend to turn into aimless messes. But when Danny’s around, his self-seriousness makes for an entertaining dynamic with the rest of the not-so-grown up cast that reminds us why this isn’t just The Mindy and Danny Project.

And as a self-serious grown-up, Danny goes along with Morgan’s fib. Everything is eventually solved, until Morgan catches Peter and Lauren making out in the hall. But Jeremy-Lauren shippers (do these exist?), don’t be too bummed: Adam Pally’s run as a series regular on the show ends tonight, so he and Lauren likely won’t be striking up a serious romance anytime soon. On that note though, Peter fans, be bummed: We’ll be seeing a lot less of him beginning next week. Let’s hope for a wedding sometime in the near future, yeah?

Mindy, on the other hand, is not making out with anyone because, she realizes, Alex’s advances only cause her to miss Danny. It wouldn’t have worked out anyway: Alex has a (very aggressive) girlfriend, played by Chrissy Teigen—and Mindy has to get home to talk on the phone with Danny, who she ends up arguing with about junk food. In other words: They’re doing just fine.

Best lines

“Did I hear Beverly’s voice come out of an Elmo in Times Square? Maybe, but it’s none of our business.” —Danny

“Sex is cool. There’s more ponytail hair in my mouth than I thought, but…” —Mindy

“I ended up having a three-way with some underwear models that night. But I imagined they were you. For some of it.” —Alex

“Since he got here you haven’t mentioned the love of your life once.” —Gurgler

“What are you talking about? I’ve mentioned spare ribs like 10 times.” —Mindy

“Every time we hang out I’m like, ‘Is he being weird or am I?'” —Jeremy, referring to Lauren’s baby

“No one would cheat on you! The opera lover with the velvet, cool cape.” —Danny to Jeremy

“Yeah, they’re krale chips.” —Mindy, trying to pretend she’s eating healthy while munching on potato chips

“Krale isn’t a vegetable!” —Danny

By the numbers

Mindy’s outfits: 8

Year Mindy lost her virginity: 2004

Year Alex emailed her for round 2: 2012

Distance Mindy thinks is between California and New York: 100 miles

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