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April 02, 2015 AT 08:24 PM EDT

When The Originals started by following siblings Klaus, Elijah, and Rebekah to New Orleans, it was easy to get lost in all of their complexities and forget that there were a handful of other, equally rich characters within their family. But thanks to season 2, viewers have been reminded that the Original family is so much more than the three siblings who once swore “always and forever” to one another.

For instance, this episode took us back through a handful of Kol flashbacks, a.k.a. the second most murderous Original sibling. And in present day, Kol—in the form of Kaleb—brought with him a charm that has once again jump-started the show in its entirety. Add Kol’s charm to Mikael’s rage and Esther’s eerie sense of calm, and this family could just sit on couches and talk out their problems and it would still make for interesting television.

Act One: Flashbacks on flashbacks

The episode kicks off in Cadiz, Spain in 1702, where Kol has gone on a murdering spree and, more importantly, long hair is all the rage. Elijah and Klaus arrive to collect the King of Debauchery, but when they inform him that Mikael is in town—and has decapitated poor Theo, Klaus’ horse—Kol is less than inclined to leave. With Rebekah and an always-daggered Finn already on the ship ready for travel, Kol makes it clear that he’d prefer to stay and become the mayor of Cadiz. Spoiler: Klaus hates Cadiz. Not really. But he does hate disloyal siblings. Cue the dagger.

From there, we jump forward to New Orleans in 1821 and the moment Klaus decides to undagger Kol. With Elijah schooling Marcel—teaching him to read Shakespeare and to play the piano—Klaus decides that Othello is not bloody enough to quench his thirst for blood. He needs a partner in nonfictional crime, and Kol is his poison of choice.

Once Kol is freed, the brothers spend an undisclosed amount of time together before Kol starts to do what he does best: piss people off. After being told that Marcel is family, he scars the young boy by forcing him to watch normal people act out Hamlet. And no, he doesn’t scar him with bad acting. This is an Original production, so there’s obviously a twist: The “actors” are actually killing one another as a young Marcel is forced to watch. And you know what Klaus hates more than anything? A bad production of Hamlet. With that, Klaus is done with Kol once more, thereby daggering him for what could very well be the last time before we met him in The Vampire Diaries.

The other thing we learn from the flashbacks: Elijah and Marcel were very close until Klaus daggered Kol and Elijah saw a chance for Klaus’ redemption. Because Elijah felt there was a direct link between Klaus’ redemption and his relationship with Marcel, he made sacrifices in order to allow them to grow closer. Basically, Elijah purposefully pushed Marcel away so that Klaus would bond with him. Sadly, Marcel didn’t see it that way.

Act Two: All hail Queen Hybrid

After going on a witch hunt with her baby daddy and then getting out of a bath tub and showing Elijah everything she has to offer—physically speaking—Hayley is at a loss for how to move on with her life. To help, Elijah interrupts Klaus’ reading of The Art of War (I love this show) to demand that he help her discover her connection to humanity, some degree of dignity. And where do you go to find those things? The same place you find a million mosquitoes: the bayou.

At the swamp, Klaus gives Hayley a lesson in tracking, which brings them to Oliver and company. Hayley offers herself up as their leader—because apparently Jackson is MIA?—but Oliver wants none of it. He makes one nasty comment too many, but before Klaus can kill him, Hayley steps in. Ah yes, that Klaus does know how to manipulate, doesn’t he? After Hayley saves Oliver’s life, he agrees to be her confidential informant on all things Cassie, who is now making more moonlight rings. As for the other wolves, a handful of them agree to come back with Hayley to stay at the compound.

It’s a step in the right direction for the lost mama, but it’s one that quite literally pushes Elijah out of his home. You can’t really expect the last true vampire in the world to live with a bunch of dogs can you? Please, their stench would ruin the man’s suits.

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