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November 29, 2015 AT 12:06 AM EST

Mrs. Costa and Victor go way back — 35 years back, to when she came home to find Little Vic at her dining room table working on a drawing depicting her forthcoming death.

Back then, Mrs. Lewanski brought Victor over to Mr. Costa’s house to talk about how none of Victor’s peers wanted to be friends with him. (Mr. Costa was Victor’s teacher.) He busied himself drawing in the kitchen while the grown-ups chatted, and soon after he left, Ms. Costa met her end: She took the dog outside and fell through some ice. This is exactly the scene Victor drew just minutes before.

This is an important moment to start the episode on, because it makes us believe Victor when he tells Mrs. Costa they need to find Julie after waking from a nightmare in which she dies. Mrs. Costa first objects — they’re never going to be able to get out, she reasons — but Victor assures her that he knows a way. And he’s, again, not lying. Victor safely leads Mrs. Costa through a horde in a scene that’s an exact replica of an image from his earlier nightmare, and they’re soon back to Julie’s apartment on the other side.

Julie’s not there, though. She’s at the hospital hanging out with Mr. Lewanski, who’s been in a coma for six months. His eyelids flutter at one point, causing Julie to try to find a nurse. What she finds instead is a missing persons sign with pictures of all the police officers who disappeared — Laure, Julie’s ex-girlfriend, included — and another one featuring Julie herself. The nurse eventually shows up and Julie, who is not the smoothest person per se, tries to stand in front of the sign so the nurse doesn’t put two and two together. She fails, and eventually the nurse asks her what’s going on.

Julie doesn’t quite reveal anything about her recent whereabouts, but the nurse is accommodating anyway and puts her in a room to camp out in. Looks like she won’t be returning to her apartment, where Victor and Mrs. Costa are patiently waiting, anytime soon.

Back at Jérôme’s house, he’s figured out that Victor drew pictures predicting each of the major deaths. Berg’s now his accomplice, and the two greet a terribly scared Audrey with open arms when she shows up at the house searching for her parents. After the initial welcome, though, Jérôme gets a bit intense: He shoves Audrey into his conspiracy room and forces her to tell him where she came from. She struggles at first, but after some more encouragement, she identifies where she thinks she was. Jérôme and Berg now have a destination.

Audrey doesn’t. Jérôme reveals that her parents as at the Helping Hand and insists on going first and bringing them back to his house. He does exactly that, and after some time, Sandrine shows up — along with Pierre, who, as we’ve come to find out, is seemingly on the dark side now. Sandrine rejects Audrey’s hug, and doesn’t stop Pierre from dragging her to the Helping Hand and giving her the Toni treatment.

Like Sandrine, Esteban is also giving everyone the silent treatment, but that’s because he’s turned into a horde member now that he knows his parents killed themselves. Camille asks Virgil — after making out with him — if they’re going to become like Esteban, and he ominously answers that they already are like him. Don’t think you understood her question, bud.

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