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August 16, 2015 AT 10:03 PM EDT

For every step forward during “The Silver Angel” for our merry band of vampire hunters—well, Fet at least qualifies as “merry”—it seems as if another step is taken back in the fight against the Master. Eph and Nora may discover that their cure is working, but an innocent day out with Zach could spell doom for Dr. Goodweather and his son. Fet succeeds in blasting a subway tunnel entrance, only to find himself face to face with a new, less friendly strigoi extermination group.

Luckily, the group in general appears to be on the right path toward victory, despite the roadblocks and pre-teen angst making a mess of things in the meantime.

The greatest advancement comes in the form of Eph and Nora’s possible strigoi cure, though in the end they can’t necessarily agree on how to proceed. The two of them, with a little help from Fet and “Fortunate Son” take their test subject out into the field. They unleash him into the streets, hoping he’ll go on the attack.

Instead, he finds his way to a psychiatric hospital, where he settles in with a nest of strigoi. With nothing to do until the next sundown, they decide to wait until then to follow him and see if their creation takes hold on the strigoi population.

Eph is too amped up on adrenaline (and apparently not enough alcohol) to sleep, however, so he takes Nora’s suggestion and spends the day with Zach. He visits Zach in his makeshift bed and, reminded by a foul baseball they caught at a Yankees game, decides to take his son to the batting cages, even though Zach would rather sit around and play on his PlayStation Vita (ASIDE: Corey Stoll, must really love the Vita, as his kids had one in House of Cards too. END OF ASIDE).

Zach warms to the idea enough not to shout at his father like he has in every episode so far this year, and so the two venture out to an empty batting cage. No line to wait on and power still being routed to the building, Eph and Zach are immediately able to hop on a machine.

That’s were things stop going smoothly. Zach misses pitch after pitch, his father trying to coach him all the while. But Zach is too distracted by the thought of his mother and memories of the three of them as a family heading to the batting cages together. (I realize it’s unrealistic to expect anything else, but it’s a bit jarring to see the current Zach appear in a pre-season 1 flashback when another actor had already portrayed a younger Zach last season.) The two leave, their relationship neither damaged much further nor repaired.

Eph has his strigoi-stopping cure to focus on, however, and so he heads back out with Nora to investigate the fruits of their labor. They find the nest has emptied out, but searching around the hospital they discover their guinea pig suffering in pain. Boils have formed on his face—it appears the infectious cure actually is working.

They’re not the only ones to notice its efficacy, though—they search around to find more dead strigoi, as well as a series of them flinging themselves off the roof of the hospital. The Master has detected this alteration to his design, and rather than let it spread, he has the infected strigoi commit suicide to prevent dissemination. It’s a smart plan, but Eph has aspirations to mass distribute his creation.

Talking to Nora back at HQ, he describes his desire to go straight to Washington D.C. to a man named Rob Bradley who can help them weaponize the cure for the military to use. It’s a good endgame, but for now, Nora is concerned that going straight to the top after one successful trial may be missing a few key steps.

Eph is of course worried about letting the world linger in this state of chaos, but he also wants to cure humanity to make the world better for his own son. Unfortunately, an unexpected thorn may soon make its way into his side. Kelly has discovered Zach and Eph’s trail thanks to her feelers who find the bat and helmet Zach used at the batting cages. Eph may want to express ship that concoction to D.C. if he intends on protecting his son.

Fet is taking a more immediate, explosion-filled tact to the vampire extermination process. He heads into the Red Hook subway tunnel with plenty of dynamite to blow up the major path of strigoi into the area. He’s successful, but it comes at a cost: Councilwoman Feraldo has made Red Hook her latest project after cleaning out Staten Island. To protect the area, she’s instituted a curfew and a strict martial law, including her own task force patrolling the streets. They happen to spot Fet heading into the subway, and rather than hiding, he decides to confront them.

NEXT: Fet lands in hot water while the split between Abraham and Palmer is revealed…

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