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The Strain

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Nobody had a good day during “Identity.” Even when things appeared to be looking up, the day inevitably proved just how close to death they are on a daily basis because of their given task—and how that proximity is sometimes a guarantee. Death came knocking for the newest member of the group, while several others stepped right up to the brink of it, as Kelly and her feelers closed in on Zack, and Eph’s journey to Washington, D.C., took a dark turn.

Let’s start with the latter, as Eph’s fight to mass produce a way to halt the spread of strigoi looked to be going well for the vast majority of “Identity.” A little too well, though. For a show with a five-year plan, things appeared too beneficial for Eph’s fight this early in the game, and the end of “Identity” proved the path to victory is not as short as he thought.

Eph meets up with his friend Robert in D.C., where the two catch up, though Eph remains vague about some of his journey so far. But he tells him enough about the state of New York and what he’s been working on to convince his friend that action must be taken.

Luckily, Robert has made plenty of friends in Washington—and hopefully not too many enemies with his playboy lifestyle—and he connects Eph, under the guise of Jonathan Crowley, to Lee Thompson, who works at a chemical company that could facilitate Eph’s ambitions.

She is certainly open to it. Lee is impressed by everything Eph has put together—and it doesn’t hurt that she has the hots for him. With Nora apparently nothing but a distant memory, Eph sleeps with Lee, and though he initially thinks she did so in order to goad him into signing an NDA to hand over his work, she seems to really care for him.

Not only that, she believes in his work, and with the help of her personal recommendation, she helps to push Eph’s formula through to the testing and acceptance phases. Other than a general Robert contacted for help suggested Stoneheart as a possible ally—Eph, understandably, refused to work with them—everything seems to be turning up Ephraim. Maybe he should stay bald!

But alas, all good things must come to an end. In this case, it’s a bloody one. Eph and Lee, feeling particularly pleased with the results of their work so far, return to Robert’s home to celebrate. Thinking they have the house to themselves, they decide to go upstairs to… well we never find out what (I’ll just assume it was to sit in separate chairs and watch Seinfeld reruns because Eph has Nora waiting for him back in New York City). They come to Robert’s room only to find him lying dead on the carpet, and the assailant is still in the room. He shoots down Lee and lands a slug in Eph’s chest, but Eph returns fire and takes out the baddie before he dies.

It’s too late for Lee, though, she dies in Eph’s arms, realizing only too late that she doesn’t know the man crouching above her as she slips away. At least Eph knows who to see revenge against—he discovers a Stoneheart passcode screen on the guy’s phone. It seems Eph can’t escape the shadow of Stoneheart’s blight of a skyscraper even all the way in the country’s capital.

Not that Eph would have gotten away clean in New York. They may retain their numbers with Fitzwilliam joining the gang, but unfortunately there’s plenty of danger now that Kelly is hot on their trail. Fitz can’t offer them too much information on the Master’s plan. He knows where Eichhorst and Palmer are buying property, but other than that he can really only offer his strigoi extermination services.

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