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October 18, 2013 AT 04:44 AM EDT

Alright TVD fans, let me formally introduce myself. I am that girl who re-watches the entire series of TVD every summer, and to my neighbors, I’m that girl who just spent the last hour screaming “WHAT?!” and “NO!!!” at my television. Since your regular recapper, the lovely Mandi Bierly is on some much-deserved vacation (where her head is probably exploding right about now thanks to that ending), I will poorly attempt to fill her shoes, so as Mandi always says, let’s dig in.

First things first, this episode was a rather intense trip down one woman’s memory lane, and I loved it. This season has been really solid for me so far. All of this doppelganger stuff is, sure, slightly confusing, but also so much fun. This episode, we got Qetsiyah’s perspective on things, a flashback to Ancient Greece, and more than one gasp-worthy moment (five to be exact). And somehow, yet again, they’ve managed to hit a bit of a reset button on the love triangle. Have I mentioned how much I’m loving this season? Let’s get into it.

The episode kicked off with a shot of a very hungry Stefan trying to find some food. I have to say that although Stefan has looked better, Paul Wesley was right about one thing: Stefan’s hair still looked fabulous post repeated-drowning. How is it that the man just came out of a safe with his hair looking washed and perfectly coiffed? Perhaps even ripper Stefan enjoys his luscious locks too much not to stop and fix them before finding his next victim? I kind of hope that’s true. Moving on, Stefan eventually found said victim in a nearby bartender named Jo. He fed on her for about three seconds before pulling back and telling her to run. Aww, he didn’t flip the switch! Stefan still feels… which meant he especially felt the heat of the sun when it started to rise and he realized he was without one very large, very important ring. He sank to his knees in pain, causing Elena to shoot up in Damon’s bed.

She’d had a very vivid psychic-esque dream in which she saw Stefan at a bar screaming. Damon, now getting a little annoyed at the connection between Elena and her ex, had no choice but to address things when Katherine walked in the room having had the exact same dream. So we’re pretty sure this is a doppelganger thing at this point, right? Well, whatever the cause of the dream, the next step was still the same: Road trip! For Delena fans, this was exciting considering the duo’s history with road trips (please stay in a motel!), but they were quickly interrupted when Katherine joined the fun. Damon wasn’t ready to let Katherine out of her sight. As he put it, “If Silas wants her, I want her more.” However, you might want to rethink that decision Damon, because you just gave Katherine the opportunity to mess with your relationship. Did Katherine and Elena have the same dream because they both still care about Stefan? What does it all mean?! We’ll never know because Damon’s train was leaving the station (with an adorable “choo choo”). Just like that, they hit the road.

Embracing modern technology like a champ, Silas spent the morning on the phone with Nadia, the traveler. He didn’t believe she really killed her friend, so he wasn’t ready to trust her yet. So how could she prove her loyalty? Find out if Matt Donovan’s ring brought him back to life, get information out of him, and then kill him in a way so that he can no longer cheat death. Ugh, but doesn’t he look so cute while cheating death?! Come on, Silas. You know you love those baby blue eyes.

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