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November 05, 2016 AT 03:49 AM EDT

Okay, I’m going to say it: I loved this episode. From the way they tied it into season 1 with the theme of the title to every moment that it reminded me of “The Reckoning” — one of my favorite episodes ever — this felt like an old episode of TVD. The way they kept it about personal relationships, built tension, and ended on a big twist? Yeah, that’s what made us fall in love with the show in the first place. So, let’s start with the title.

You Decided That I Was Worth Saving: No diehard fan is going to forget the moment Damon first kissed the woman he thought was Elena in the season 1 finale. Of course, it turned out he was kissing Katherine, but for all Damon knew, he was finally saying thank you to Elena for, somewhere along the way, deciding that Stefan’s homicidal brother was “worth saving.”

And now, seven seasons later, Damon’s still grappling with that very sentiment. Is he worth saving? Stefan says yes. Bonnie, quite honestly, isn’t sure at the moment. And then there’s Damon, who we watch make his decision in the episode’s final moments when he considers letting Tyler Lockwood live … only to turn around and bite him. Is this Damon’s way of proving he’s not worth saving? Can Damon come back from this if he’s killed Tyler? Did Damon just give up on himself?

There’s so much going on in that one scene, and furthermore in this episode, and I love the fact that the show has continued to use this theme all these years later. But for now, let’s catch up on the episode.

We start with an opening scene that will make you feel all the feels as we see just how Sybil’s mind games have changed things in Damon’s world. By replacing his memory of Elena, she changes the way he remembers the Wickery Bridge accident. As we see in the flashback, there are now three victims: Stefan wasn’t there to save Elena, so she died. And if that didn’t get you, Liz Forbes makes a reappearance to pronounce them dead. Crying yet?

As Damon tells Sybil, he “never met” Elena Gilbert. And now she tells him he never will.

Back in present day, Sybil is trying and failing to convince Enzo to flip his humanity switch as a very bored Damon makes his way through Fifty Shades Darker. (I wonder how he felt about the ending of the first book.)

After Sybil gives a little background on herself — she’s taken control of 50,000 men over the years — we learn that her quite literal Plan B can be described in one word: Bonnie.

Speaking of our favorite former witch, she’s currently in Stefan’s bed … with Caroline. Bonnie wakes the newly engaged Caroline up with balloons and champagne so that the two of them can start planning THE June wedding, otherwise known as the wedding Caroline mentioned in the pilot and the hashtag that Steroline shippers adore.

With Caroline’s wedding book in hand — no surprise that she’s been planning this since she was 10 — the girls head out to look at wedding dresses while Stefan updates Ric on the engagement. Ric claims he’s fine with it, but it turns out Ric isn’t the problem in this scenario. Rather, it’s Damon, who shows up at the wedding dress store and tries to kidnap Bonnie. Thankfully, this bride-to-be and her future maid of honor know how to take down a vampire, and they’re able to knock Damon out with enough time to run.

By the time Enzo and Sybil show up to help Damon out, Sybil has one question: Why does Damon also care about Bonnie? Just like that, she enters Damon’s mind for a trip through the Bamon relationship, from the days when Bonnie hated him and even set him on fire to the moment they “died” together and everything changed. Just like that, she replaces Bonnie’s memory with one of herself. Once again, Damon’s memories are altered.

Back at the Salvatore house, Caroline is trying to find weapons, which is proving difficult seeing as how Stefan’s been child-proofing the literal death trap he lives in. Proof it’s always going to be a death trap? The fact that Sybil just walked right through the front door. (Also, there’s a dungeon in the basement.)

It seems Sybil is having trouble wrapping her mind around the fact that Bonnie could mean so much to two men, not to mention she hasn’t even slept with one of them. Yes, Sybil. Damon’s hot. No, Bonnie didn’t sleep with him.

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