Tara Fowler
April 14, 2015 AT 10:53 PM EDT

Good evening, Voice-ers and welcome to your results recap! First, a confession: As you may have noticed, I am not your regular recapper. And yet, I feel this is oddly appropriate, given that a results show is not exactly an actual show. Moving on from my reality show cynicism, Carson Daly takes the stage looking all dapper and making me miss the days of Carson and Tara Reid. I always felt a kinship to her (it’s the name thing). But enough on that, it’s a “big night of eliminations,” as Carson informs us. Oh, and Maroon 5 is here as well! I hope Adam Levine sings in that chunky Christmas sweater he’s wearing. How amazing would that be?

We’re treated to a short video montage of the coaches. Adam insists he’s confident, while Blake Shelton admits that he’s a wee bit concerned about Mr. Christmas Sweater’s team. “Team Blake gave it everything they had and I couldn’t be more proud,” he says, before taking a dig at the others. “If I was Cee Lo or Christina, I’d be a little bit nervous.” Cee Lo Green offers up his typically nonchalant commentary. “I wouldn’t necessarily call Trevin the secret weapon, mainly because he’s not so secret,” he says softly, while Christina Aguilera crosses her arms and looks bored. “This season is particularly hard for me to choose one person to save because no one at this point deserves to go home,” she tells the camera. And yet, she doesn’t seem to have any problem serving up two eliminees later.

Before his Q&A with the coaches, Carson tells us that The Voice hit a milestone with Wednesday’s show: every single one of the Top 20 artists charted on iTunes. I have to say, that’s actually pretty impressive. Were any of you buying? If so, whose performances? Carson turns to the coaches to get the scoop before kicking off the show. “I’m proud as always,” Xtina says. “It’s going to be really, really tough. I’ve grown really attached to them.” Yeah, she looks really chummy with her team. Meanwhile, Cee Lo tells Carson he wants his team to be a complete and cohesive unit, while Adam offers the contestants an encouraging pep talk. “There’s no failure at this point. I’m just really happy to have a wonderful team. I want them to be happy.” Blake takes a different tack: “I’m not taking the high road. I think my team really sets the bar this year.” “And you know a lot about bars,” Adam zings back. Touché, sir.

The elimations must wait, however, because first we get to see Team Adam and Team Blake sing Kelly Clarkson’s “Stronger.” The theme seems to be metal and leather, but I confess, I was a bit distracted by some horrid flashbacks to spin classes that played this song over and over again last spring. (Come on, SPRINT!).

NEXT: Adam gets feisty with the live audience. Plus, Maroon 5 performs!

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