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The Voice recap: When 40 Become 20

The Knockout Rounds continue as Christina and Blake eliminate half of their teams

The Voice


The Voice

Season 3, Ep. 17 | Aired Oct 30

EW apologizes for the lack of a full recap for tonight’s episode of The Voice, “The Knockouts: Part 2,” due to Hurricane Sandy. Please discuss Tuesday’s Knockouts in the comments below.

Here are Tuesday’s results….


Devyn DeLoera (“I Have Nothing”) advanced over Laura Vivas (“I Need to Know”)
Adrianna Louise (“Already Gone”) advanced over Celica Westbrook (“Never Say Never”)
Dez Duron (“Stuck On You”) advanced over Alessandra Guerico (“Take a Bow”)
De’Borah (“You Found Me”) advanced over Chevonne (“Dancing With Myself”)
Sylvia Yacoub (“Fighter”) advanced over Aquile (“Grenade”)


Liz Davis (“Gunpowder and Lead”) advanced over Gracia Harrison (“I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing”)
Terry McDermott (“Maybe I’m Amazed”) advanced over Rudy Parris (“Forever”)
Michaela Paige (“Love Is a Battlefield”) advanced over Colin McLoughlin (“Breakeven”)
Julio Cesar Castillo (Somebody to Love”) advanced over MarissaAnn (“Lady Marmalade”)
Cassadee Pope (“Payphone”) advanced over Suzanna Choffel (“Could You Be Loved”)

Were the right singers knocked out? Discuss!