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Samantha Highfill
April 14, 2015 AT 10:29 PM EDT

Wow. This is STRESSFUL. I don’t care how many live performances or guest performers you have — Cee Lo Green! Rod Stewart? — nothing can make a results show anything but nerve-wracking, particularly if your favorite artist is on the line with less than a minute for her coach to decide. Let’s get into things, shall we?

Here’s how tonight goes down: America’s votes pick the top two performers from each team, and then the coaches get to save one artist to complete the Top 12. But before we can get into the results, Carson has some ‘splainin to do. Apparently there was a glitch with the texting and online voting, so all of those votes were not counted last night. However, Carson does bring out a CEO in a not-fully-buttoned suit to reassure us, in his British accent, that the outcomes were not affected for any team. Thank you, Mr. Jason George. And sorry about the bet you obviously lost to be the one to have to come out on stage. Better luck next time.

Now, it’s time for the first performance of the night! Team Blake and Team Shakira join forces for a very fun rendition of The Script’s “Hall of Fame” that ends with a synchronized finger point. When in doubt… do the synchronized finger point. That’s like The Voice 101. But sadly, not even the group finger point can save contestants from elimination. First on the chopping block is:


America saved: Holly Tucker

America also saved: Danielle Bradbury

The Swon Brothers vs. Justin Rivers. Blake saves: Stuck in a scenario Blake claims he never saw coming — Really? You never saw yourself having to choose between your two weakest performers? — he gives love and respect to all his contests. And then, just for “the sake of keeping things as different and diverse as I can at this point in the competition for my team, I’m going to save The Swon Brothers.” So that means we have to say farewell to Justin Rivers, who thanks Blake and God for this opportunity. Also, did Blake just whisper in his ear that he’d call him? That’s kind of sweet. Also, those country boys hug each other like they mean it.

So now that one more male has left the competition, Rod Stewart decides to take the stage with his new single, “Finest Woman,” from his new album, Time. Stewart, in all his elderly glory, rocks the stage in a metallic blue jacket. In a performance that has Blake clapping and Adam head-bobbing, Usher can’t help but laugh at what has to be Stewart’s dance moves. Nobody can buckle a knee quite like that man.

After his new single wraps up and he announces that some woman is so fine and all his, Garrett, Karina and Josiah join the rock legend on stage to sing through the first chorus of “Forever Young.” Stewart seems really into it, but it’s a very short-lived moment for the upcoming singers, followed by a standing ovation from the coaches.

NEXT: CeeLo returns to The Voice stage!

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