Adam Carlson
April 14, 2015 AT 10:25 PM EDT

I don’t know how to say this without scaring you, America, but I mean COME ON, AMERICA. Tonight was The Voice‘s first truly surprising elimination, ousting frontrunners Sarah Simmons and Judith Hill. That’s always a juicy milestone in a reality show’s season…except when it means that Sarah Simmons gets eliminated. There aren’t that many greats-in-waiting still waiting around. Was it something we did? Did we over-love Sarah? Trick question: That’s impossible.

We’ll get to the tragedy/travesty of the axed singers in a bit. First, let’s run down the rest of the hour, which included a bunch of duets and a lack of sadness. We’re reminded that Blake thinks his team brought its “A-game” last night while Adam thinks the women on his team have “ice water” in their veins. Did I catch that right in my notes: ice water? Because a) rude and b) did Adam know something we didn’t?

Carson tells us that tonight will be a night of special duets, and first up is Sheryl Crow, special dueting with the Team Blake foursome (not what a duet is) on Crow’s new single, “Easy.” They’re beneath three giant chandeliers, which reminds me that I one day want to own at least one giant chandelier. “Easy” is totally my mid-tempo jam that also totally showcases the smoothness of the group’s group-voice. But mid-tempo jams are usually for the GMA summer concert series before I’ve had three cups of coffee. It would have been nicer to see Team Blake get to sing and perform together. Sheryl Crow made Tuesday Night Music Club — sitting and strumming a guitar isn’t all she’s good for. Come on, America! (This is a recurring theme.)

Afterward, it’s time to check in with the judges, who all throw word spaghetti against Carson — a tangled bowl of “not playing it safe” and “don’t know how America will react.” Shakira is weirdly very harsh on her own song choices; Blake is unsurprisingly very rude to Adam (they’re bros!); and that whole thing with Usher and his glasses dies the first of several stupid deaths when Carson resolves their “feud.”

MOOD CHANGE: A week after Blake and Miranda’s gorgeous duet on “Over You” (so gorg), Carson tells us that the country coach has kept up working on behalf of Oklahoma disaster relief. Tonight, NBC will air “Healing the Heartland,” a benefit concert featuring Miranda Lambert, Luke Bryan, Rascal Flatts, and more. The concert is partially the work of Blake. Also: “our partner” Starbucks donated $250,000 to OKStrong; also: you should donate money through Starbucks.

Also: We have duets to watch and Blake should be careful how often he whips out that customized Starbucks coffee cup — it’s both sentimental and nifty-keen and I would happily steal it.

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