Jennifer Arellano
April 14, 2015 AT 06:42 PM EDT

It’s another Tuesday night, another harried eliminations round. But what’s not ordinary is this episode’s bottom three. Team Adam was left unscathed, while Team Blake was cut in half, and Team Cee Lo was obliterated. Caroline Pennell and Ray Boudreaux are going home. Matthew Schuler won the Twitter instant save.


It’s no surprise that Caroline was in the bottom three, as she was almost sent home last week, were it not for America’s tweets. It’s interesting that she suffered a similar fate to that of Kat Robichaud, who won the first Twitter save and then promptly went home the following week. Will the trend of Twitter save/impending elimination continue next week with Matthew? Somehow I don’t think so. At least I hope not. The perma-grinning singer brings a formidable talent and effervescent stage presence to the competition and an early exit by him would be a major upset. There were reasons for other bottom three members — Caroline and Kat have had middling charting positions on iTunes Top Songs. But Matthew’s “Hallelujah” cover is still on the charts, and that was two weeks ago. Is it possible Matthew has just had a bad week with a poor song choice? If so, his example just goes to show how all it takes is one off week to send your dreams packing.



Another point to consider is the actual usefulness of the Twitter save. I think Tuesday night was the first time we saw how America’s tweeting power can be harnessed for good — well, the good of a top-rated singing competition. The Twitter save served as a self-correcting process. We didn’t vote enough for you, Matthew, nor did we dig your Imagine Dragon’s song, so here, let’s make up for it in the last five minutes!



The special guest was angelically-voiced Ellie Goulding, who sang “Burn” and was later accompanied by Will Champlin, James Wolpert, and Matthew Schuler. “It was like being in a boy band,” Goulding told Carson Daly in the Skybox.



Cee Lo Green also performed, with some help from rapper Big Gipp, premiering his single “Amy,” on what was probably one of the most eye-boggling, show-stopping stage sets of the season. It resembled a fashion runway that was dropped into a museum of kooky Degas ballerinas who looked like they got into a eggshell-colored paint fight at Lowes.



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