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August 11, 2015 AT 05:11 AM EDT

The Whispers

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Tonight, Wes said the best way to hunt down Drill was to profile him. So! Here’s everything we know about Drill: Drill feeds on energy and travels through power lines. Drill uses children to carry out his deadly deeds. Drill can possess said children.

But Drill’s a little more complicated than those facts, the ones that the Scooby Gang—as in Wes, Claire, Sean, and Lena—have collected over 10 episodes. Drill looks like a weather pattern on thermal cameras, moving this way and that. Drill acts like a bad date, nearly standing up Claire and Wes’ trap. Drill’s a pretty good marriage counselor, helping reconcile Wes and Lena and Claire and Sean. And Drill can be vicious, exacting revenge on Wes by using his Mysterious Energy Manipulation powers to shock Lena—and possibly kill her??!!?? (Knowing this show, Lena will show up in the next episode with Sean and Dr. Benavidez looming over her, trying to keep her safe from Drill by moving her to a hospital basement.)

A whole mess of things happened in this episode that led to poor Minx looking up at the sky and crying, and poor Wes clutching his wife and ugly crying. It all begins with equally poor Nicholas, who’s a target for bullies, insensitive fathers (“Can’t you make some real friends?” his dad says, because he’s an Awful Dad), and alien entities that prey on kids. After Drill helps stop some playground bullying, the hapless Nicholas agrees to help Drill find more “food”—the creepy alien entity’s been running low on energy, after all those weeks of chasing the Bennigans and Lawrences around town—and also grabs his father’s DSN code keys from a safe. (Drill doesn’t end up using these this episode. Guess we’ll see next week?)

But before we get to what Sad Nicholas does next, we first need to piece together all the clues the Scooby Gang’s managed to find on our favorite neighborhood murderous alien. Both the Lawrences and the Bennigans have been struggling to accept that Drill will have to possess a child in order to be killed, so the foursome meet and discuss possible plans of attack. Wes thinks profiling is a good place to start, though isn’t this what they’ve been doing this whole time? Trying to figure out the answer to #WhoIsDrill? No matter. They all agree they need to track his movements and patterns and whatnot until they can trap him and destroy him for good.

Claire does most of the heavy lifting, finding out that burnouts have been happening at each of the locations Drill’s been known to visit, including the FBI field office, schools, playgrounds, and the Scooby Gang’s residences. Meanwhile, Wes talks to an analyst who’s been looking at the differences between thermal images they’ve taken of Drill. They realize he’s been getting less powerful, and that his energy’s drained. So, by putting two and two together, Claire and Wes realize all they have to do is lure Drill to a trap and starve him out. How? By forcing a blackout on Washington, D.C., an idea Frommer is immediately against. They go for it anyway.

Meanwhile, Sean’s trying to figure out why Henry keeps getting headaches, and brings his son to Dr. Benavidez, who’s understandably fairly worn out from having to deal with him and children and aliens. She checks him out, and as Sean waits, Claire calls him to warn him about the upcoming blackout. She tells them to get off the roads, and Sean agrees.

Unfortunately, because this is t h e  w h i s p e r s, he’s on the road by the time the blackout comes into effect, leaving him and Henry stranded in the middle of traffic. Henry grows paranoid. He thinks Drill’s carrying out a plan against him for not playing the game anymore, and he senses that Drill’s nearby, in the street lights.

He’s right—Drill’s been trying to survive by following the power lines, and they’re directing him straight into Claire and Wes’ trap, set up at an abandoned school. As he passes Henry and Sean, Sean tries to drive them away from traffic, going down an alley before heading onto an open street, before, oof, getting into a car accident. While that may not have been the smartest plan (c’mon, Sean, don’t get distracted when you just got away!), the Worst Plan of the Night honor goes to… Lena, who decides to take a “vacation” with Minx to get her away from Drill’s clutches. Said vacation would be a cruise, because power lines don’t stretch all the way to the water, duh. Strangely, Wes loves this plan where his wife and child will disappear and leave him to battle the alien. (Claire, who’s in the room when this plan is proposed, doesn’t appear to love or hate this plan, but the fact that she doesn’t volunteer Henry to go on the trip to cruise safety as well probably indicates how she felt about it. Or maybe she was being polite and not saying anything about how the Lawrences forgot to invite Henry along on their plan for safety.)

With all that said, none of these plans work the way they’re supposed to. Because Drill, among other creepy reasons.

NEXT: Hide and Seek: Drill Edition

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