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Keertana Sastry
July 21, 2015 AT 05:31 AM EDT

The adults on The Whispers have to get one thing straight, there’s no way it was ever going to be that easy to defeat Drill. Sure in last week’s episode Sean almost died trying to set up the EMP weapon to kill the alien entity, but Drill travels through electricity and he’s a life form of higher intelligence than us. There’s no way he didn’t have a safe exit strategy in case humans tried to kill him. But it turns out Drill is not entirely un-killable, a fact Wes, Claire, and Sean learned in Monday night’s episode, “A Hollow Man.” Unfortunately, the way in which to defeat him is still a mystery thanks to some quick maneuvering by Drill to use Lena’s desperation to keep Minx safe.

We pick back up right where we left off, Wes is standing in the middle of the debris left by Claire and Sean’s attempt to destroy the rock and kill Drill for good, Claire and Sean are on the run and they meet up with Claire’s partner Rollins, who delivers Henry to them rather than kidnap him as part of his assignment from Wes’ boss Secretary Frommer. Sean punches Rollins, but then Rollins explains that he could no longer do his job in the way Frommer saw fit. “There are some things you don’t ask a man to do,” Rollins states.

Wes tells a livid Frommer that the threat of Drill has been eliminated, but Frommer can’t get past the fact that Wes aided and abetted two fugitives. But Wes plays the ambition card to take some heat off of Claire and Sean, and after a blackmail attempt, Wes states that if Frommer plays his cards right, this kind of win may have just handed him the Presidency. Frommer seems pleased enough with this response for the time being… this won’t last long.

Claire and Sean, meanwhile, decide to lay low while the heat is off them. Unfortunately this is when they discover that Drill is definitely still alive—thanks to Henry mentioning that he saw Drill right before Rollins came to get him. Back home, Wes tries to tell Lena that Drill is gone, but Lena says she just spoke to him an hour before. Unlike Sean and Claire, Wes is not so quick to believe that Drill is still out there; the fact that Minx says she was lying about speaking for Drill to Lena doesn’t help. But after Claire tells Wes that Drill survived, Wes calls Lena to tell her he knows Drill is alive as well.

At this point Lena has already gotten a message from the alien enemy to kill someone. Lena refuses to “play the game” with Drill, so what does he do? He puts in danger the one person Lena would kill to protect, literally. Drill tells Minx to stand on the roof under a frayed power line to “save a cat” and then makes Minx basically threaten Lena to obey him with Minx’s life.

Oh, and remember how Frommer was happy? Well, Wes comes back to tell him that Drill didn’t go away, at which point Frommer essentially fires Wes. Not a good day for Wes.

A few hours away, Claire receives a phone call from Rollins that another child, Thomas, from 1982 was reported to be speaking with Drill. So Claire and Sean go visit the Thomas’ house. They learn from his father that Thomas killed his brother, Elliot, because Drill made him do it. Thomas’ father has no idea where Thomas might be now, but he gives the couple some home movies to watch in case it will help with their case. Claire asks Jessup to run the name Elliot for a location and get a hit, but somehow Drill burns up the film strip they were watching.

Lena gets Drill’s message and makes her way to an unknown destination with a gun in her car, presumably to kill either Claire or Sean. At least that’s what Wes believes after he realizes the message Drill gave to Lena—which he knows thanks to Minx telling the truth for once. Claire and Sean make their way to Thomas’ home, which is registered in Elliot’s name, and tell Henry to stay in their car while they check out the house. They find Thomas and talk to him about Drill: He tells them that hundreds of nuclear tests created a beacon that Drill heard, and he made his way to Earth. But Thomas also revealed a key piece of information. It turns out that the Drill (or The Whispers as Thomas appropriately calls him) speaking with Henry, Minx, and the others can’t be the same one that Thomas knew. And why not? Because it turns out Thomas killed the Drill from 1982.

But before Thomas can explain how he killed the previous Drill, Lena comes in and fires her gun at Thomas a number of times before Wes can make it onto the scene. The episode ends with the high likelihood that Thomas is dead, and Lena facing jail time. Anyone else thinking at this point that this planet is Drill’s for the taking? Claire, Sean, and Wes need to step up in a big way if they’re going to take down Drill, and what they’ve been bringing to the table thus far is just not going to cut it.  

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