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Top Chef recap: Beverly the Warrior

In snowy British Columbia, Sarah continues to be vile, and Beverly proves herself to be the hero of the season

Top Chef

THE SARAH HATERS CLUB Congrats to Beverly for holding her head up high all season despite some truly awful people tearing her down the whole time.

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Top Chef

Season 9, Ep. 15 | Aired Feb 15

Everyone’s hair is longer! Paul’s looking good.

The remaining chefs convened in snowy British Columbia for the home stretch of the competition. By this point, everyone’s had a chance to see how they’ve conducted themselves on TV. Does that mean Sarah will be on her best behavior after seeing how terribly she’s come across all season? Answer: NO. Not one bit. When Paul asked Beverly how Last Chance Kitchen was, Beverly started to say it was “totally awesome,” but Sarah interrupted her, shouting, “LOOK AT THIS TREE!” Seriously, who’s that rude to another person — especially after a whole season of being a total bitch? It may be hard to believe, but I’ve been holding back on my true feelings about Sarah so far. I always assumed she was a normal person who maybe didn’t understand how to come across on television. We now know she’s just a disgusting person to the core. It’s on! I officially hate you and your dumb pink hat and your friar’s haircut, and so does Michael Showalter and the rest of the world. You and Heather are the worst people to ever compete on Top Chef. By far. There’s no comparison. You’ve officially ruined this season by being on it. You owe Bravo a check. Kudos to Beverly for putting up with you this whole time without punching you in the face. She may be a saint.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s take a deep breath and get through this highly upsetting, occasionally entertaining episode. Padma and Tom met the chefs at Whistler Olympic Park to explain the challenge: They were to compete in three Olympic-style events; the winner of each one would win $10,000 and guarantee themselves a spot in the finals.

The first event was fun and perhaps the only reasonable one of the entire episode. The chefs each had to cook a dish while aboard a moving peak-to-peak gondola (or cable car). After the gondola reached the first peak, they had to jump out and pick a new ingredient to use in their dish. Water boils faster at high altitudes, and the gondolas weren’t exactly steady, so the chefs faced some unexpected challenges.

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