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Mandi Bierly
July 08, 2013 AT 04:33 AM EDT

Once again, True Blood gave us an hour filled with great moments that when added together, somehow don’t feel epic as this show used to. It’s like we’re in a holding pattern as the season inches along, so this battle against vampire extinction lacks urgency. Pam and Nora got taken by the LAVTF, and yet, I’m not worried they’ll meet the true death any time soon. Sookie’s holding Ben, who is actually Warlow (as we expected), at light-point, and I doubt she’ll be killing him since we’ve also learned that Warlow, Lilith’s progeny, is the only one who can kill her/Bilith. I want something huge and shocking. Let’s hope we get it soon. In the meantime…

We picked up with Ben and Sookie caring for a collapsed Jason, who barely had a pulse. Since there was no vampire around to give Jason blood, Sookie called 911. As she did that in the other room, Ben finally showed his fangs, bit his arm, and let the blood drip into Jason’s mouth. Ben told Sookie that Jason had come around on his own. Meanwhile, Niall was off holding Nora by fairy light. She told him about the mistranslation in the vampire bible — it should have read that the progeny led Lilith to the sun. Only the progeny, Warlow, can kill Lilith. When Norah got curious about why Niall smelled so good, he zapped her away — and the LAVTF got her. Back inside, Niall scolded Ben for caring for human Jason when it’s fae-bearing Sookie they need to keep safe.

The search for Warlow wasn’t the only one that continued this hour. Rikki realized that Nicole was unaccounted for just as Martha figured out that Emma was missing. As the werewolves picked up their trail, the governor and his SWAT team busted into Ginger’s house looking for Willa. The governor had Ginger sent to the Camp, too. So they’re doing testing on vampire-friendly humans as well. Eric and Pam were also hunting for Willa. Pam summoned Tara, who screamed to keep from hearing Pam’s order to tell her where she’d stashed the governor’s daughter. Eric took Tara to the ground and forced it out of her, which pissed Pam off more. I miss the old Eric and Pam banter. Are they distancing them so Eric will feel extra horrible when Pam eventually dies at the Camp? As previously mentioned, Pam eventually got captured after Tara stormed off following another fight over how humans should be treated. There are rumors we’ll be losing a major character this season. IT BETTER NOT BE PAM.

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