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July 22, 2013 AT 04:51 AM EDT

We all knew someone was going to die this episode, and the fact that it was neither Eric nor Pam was not a surprise. In short: Terry, who’d been glamoured to forget he was ever in the marines (and therefore that he’d hired one to murder him), was shot and killed as he took out the garbage at Merlotte’s. Bonus! Bilith beheaded Gov. Burrell after he realized Jessica was at Vamp Camp. Also, Nora was infected with a lethal strain of “Hep V,” which will also be in every bottle of Tru Blood hitting shelves and cell blocks unless Eric saves the day. Sarah Newlin intended to have Jessica take part in a “copulation study” in front of new LAVTF member Jason, but the male vampire, James, refused to do it even after they repeatedly burned him with rays. (In related news: We love James.) And, oh yeah, SOOKIE MOUNTED WARLOW. Let’s break it down.

We opened with Sookie’s father, still in Lafayette’s father, continuing to drown her. Bill felt her struggle and let Warlow out to save her since it was daytime. Warlow looked damn good wet. Equally attractive: He listened to Sookie when she told him not to kill Lafayette because it wasn’t him talking. She told Warlow to zap her father out of Lafayette’s body, and he did. “Tell him to get the f— out of my life, forever,” Sookie told Lafayette. See ya, dad.

For, like, a second, it seemed as though Pam and Eric might actually fight each other. “You made another vampire?” she said. “I did,” he hissed back. Did we know Pam could levitate? Because she did, as did Eric as they prepared to attack. But instead, they hit the guards who were hiding in the walls holding guns on them. It was violent and awesome. One guard got pushed against the one-way glass wall and impaled. It made a hole, which Eric peeked through to see Steve Newlin, who acted like a child: “I had nothing to do with this. They made me!”

After the real Lafayette got his introduction to Warlow, Bilith started to summon Warlow back and he began vomiting blood the way Jessica had earlier this season when she tried to fight that pull. Sookie knew Lilith would ultimately want Warlow dead, so she grabbed his hands and took him to a fairy safe place. After crowd-sourcing on Twitter, let’s say it was to the cemetery where Claudine used to take her. Not that it really matters.

Meanwhile, while Jason nailed his LAVTF recruitment interview with his cocksure attitude and extensive experience with “beheadedism,” Bill realized Jessica was missing and that his Vamp Camp vision must be coming true now. He asked Prof. Hido Takahashi to drain him within an inch of the true death so he’d reach a comatose state and could communicate with Lilith. Then, to drain the episode of any momentum it was building, we cut to Nicole telling Sam that Emma was crying and asking when she could see her grandmother. That scene was so strange, I was trying to think who could be using mind control on Nicole. I guess the writers just wanted to wrap this story line up stat.

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