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September 16, 2014 AT 05:02 AM EDT

Guys, the Dome is contracting. And if you forgot the Dome was shrinking, the writers made sure that almost every character in the first eight minutes of the episode reminded you. However, that’s only a tiny quibble in the grand scheme of things because it’s not everyday that the crisis of the week feels as if it has something to do with the larger story. Luckily for the people of Chester’s Mill, they are no longer at risk of freezing to death as the temperature has started to rise. At the school, Melanie is still sick and Lyle still seems to be slightly off his rocker. He tells Pauline that the Dome’s moaning means that the end is near; Big Jim looks on at the two with jealousy. Meanwhile, Barbie is helping Julia and the rest of the townspeople who live near the Dome barrier evacuate.

Remember that whole faith vs. science debate? Well, that worn-out trope stages a comeback in tonight’s episode as it is debated fiercely by Julia and Rebecca. When Barbie and Julia get to the school, Rebecca tells them that she did the math and it won’t be long until the Dome crushes them. As always, Julia doesn’t believe that the Dome would harm them because it told her it was there for protection. Naturally, Julia’s faith in the Dome brings out sassy Rebecca, who is skeptical to say the least. Throughout the episode, Rebecca struggles with her need to know the answer to everything and her inability to suspend disbelief. At one point, she says to Melanie, “Knowing the answers doesn’t take away the wonder—it actually makes it more amazing,” which basically sums up her character and is also points to something the show’s writers have yet to grasp.

Anyway, Barbie interrupts before the women get carried away with their sniping. Joe and Norrie arrive and tell Barbie about Hunter’s status as a double agent, which awakens Angry Barbie. He starts to toss Hunter around and, after dispatching Joe and Norrie, leads Hunter away at gunpoint. While all of this is going on, Big Jim—insistent on making up for his colossal screw-up—determines that he and Pauline go back to her studio to see if any of her paintings show them how to stop the Dome from shrinking.

Barbie carries Hunter to the edge of the Dome to talk to the soldier, whose name we find out later is Malick. Hunter tells Malick that they need to speak to Don, but Malick is all “Aren’t I good enough for you? Talk to me.” Plan A doesn’t work and to show that they aren’t messing around, Barbie holds a gun to Hunter’s head and threatens to kill Hunter unless he gets his father there. It works.

Did anyone else realize that Big Jim and Rebecca were the last to know about Melanie’s mysterious resurrection? Well, they finally find out in tonight’s episode. Junior lets it slip to Big Jim when he runs into Jim and Pauline at her art studio and asks his mother to see if her paintings show them how to save Melanie. (Everyone is putting A LOT of pressure on Pauline.) Rebecca finds out when she, Sam, and Julia are trying to figure out what’s wrong with Melanie, whose hair has started to fall out. Rebecca takes a look at her blood and sees that her red blood cells are disintegrating, and Sam proposes a blood transfusion to help her. As expected, Rebecca and Julia clash again: Rebecca is worried because she doesn’t know Melanie’s blood type and Julia isn’t sure the transfusion will work on Melanie because she thinks Melanie’s condition is connected to the egg. After some bonding time with Sam, Rebecca figures out Melanie’s blood type, which, coincidentally, is the same as hers, and gives Melanie a blood transfusion. Melanie is saved… for now.

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