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Mandi Bierly
April 15, 2011 AT 06:59 AM EDT

When a showrunner like Kevin Williamson tweets the words “Epic Epicness” in anticipation of an episode, expectations will run high. I’m confident if we did a poll right now, at least 9 out of 10 viewers would say theirs were exceeded. I got Buffy-grade chills three times. I don’t bring up the B word because both series revolve around vamps. I do so because moments from “The Body” and “The Gift” episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer still elicit a physical response from me to this day, and that’s the level of epic epicness we reached here. And may I remind you: we still have four more episodes of The Vampire Diaries to go this season.

So exec producer Julie Plec has revealed that the writers began season 2 wanting to do some kind of Klaus fakeout wherein viewers would believe that we knew who Klaus was only to find out that we were wrong. It was Williamson who walked into the writers’ room one day as they were breaking the story for last week’s episode and said, “What if Klaus takes over Alaric’s body in a blood transfusion spell?” There was shock last week, this week there was awe. Right away, Matt Davis proved he was up to the challenge of playing Klaric (Klaus in Alaric’s body) when he took a shot at Alaric’s wardrobe (“Bad or badder?”) and told captive Katherine, who begged him to kill her already, that he would show no kindness. “I have searched for you for over 500 years. Your death is going to last at least half that long.” And then the torture began: “I want you to take this knife and stab yourself,” he said, and she did. He told her to do it over and over again while he was gone getting a look at the doppelgänger, and if she got bored, switch legs. He kissed her on the forehead, and told her, “Oh, don’t look so glum, Katerina. The fun is just beginning. Again please.”

Klaric had compelled her to tell him everything she knows about Operation Save Elena and maybe what she doesn’t — the latter being if the Scrappy Gang knew how to kill an Original without the dagger and whether Bonnie had gotten her powers back. From the second Klaric said the last thing he needed to do was resurrect Elijah, we should have seen the episode’s final shot coming. Should we also read into Klaric calling Elijah a “buzz kill”? Maybe Elijah will turn out to be a (relative) good guy after all? Either way, now that Elena has pulled the dagger out of him, I’m ready for him to get back in the mix.

The Salvatore mansion was officially signed over to Elena so it would become her safe house. In my opinion, Bonnie’s “I wouldn’t want to clean it” crack was funnier than Elena’s hesitation on Damon’s invitation to enter. (Damon: “What are we? 12?” Elena: “One of us is.”) She wanted him to promise that he’d let her call the shots, and really, no one believed he would. Elena didn’t want to become a prisoner in the house, so she informed the Salvatores she was going to school. Her argument that the safest place for her to be is next to Bonnie is actually only solid if they have every class together, but whatever. I loved that silent scene in Alaric’s classroom where Elena showed Stefan a flier for the ’60s decade dance and he shook his head no, and then she showed it to Bonnie, who shook her head yes. It took me right back to AP English, where my high school best friend Susi often found herself caught between her boyfriend and I (and taught me about paraphrasing: “So instead of ‘Do not weep, maiden, for war is kind,’ it’s like, ‘Don’t cry, honey. War’s okay'”). What was also great about that scene: we’ve seen so little of Alaric’s teaching style, we can’t actually say whether Elena, Bonnie, and Stefan should have known that something was off by his unprepared rant on the ’60s. (“Watergate was the ’70s, Rick. I mean Mr. Saltzman,” Elena said, getting appropriate what the? looks from her classmates. Then again, they could’ve just been confused because she was actually present.)

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