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Mandi Bierly
October 22, 2010 AT 01:24 PM EDT

You know you’re invested in a show when it feels like a character lives just to spite you. If you happened to read my “Who should die next?” post, you know that I’ve been hoping Aunt Jenna would be the one to bite it. I consider actress Sara Canning talented and her hair lovely, it’s not that. It’s just that the character is, in my opinion, the weakest on the show by virtue of her having no clue that there are vampires, werewolves, and witches living in her town. (Also by her not having had an actual sex scene with Alaric yet even though the producers have assured us that she is, in fact, “getting some”).

When Jenna stabbed herself with what I assume wasn’t the exact same large knife that Katherine physically, as opposed to verbally, forced into Uncle John’s gut, I thought there’s no way she’d survive. They wouldn’t have both John and Jenna live when Katherine’s supposed to be such an evil bitch. But, of course, that’s exactly why she “got lucky.” (Insert expletive.) Taking Jenna away from Elena and Jeremy after they lost their parents would be cruel (even if it meant that John would return to be their guardian, which could be far more interesting). I do get that. So, even though we know the hospital isn’t the safest place to be in Mystic Falls, I suspect Jenna will stick around. I just hope that having a knife in her stomach isn’t something that the Salvatore Brothers compel her to believe she did by accident. Did she trip and fall on the knife? Really? At this point, it’s safer for Jenna if she knows the truth. That’s the only way she can protect herself. It’s time.

Okay, let’s back up. We have a hot Lockwood to mourn. Mason didn’t exactly go out with a bang, but he was close! He started the episode in bed with Katherine. Nina Dobrev is officially the luckiest lady on TV at the moment. She got to roll around with Mason as Katherine, and with Stefan as Elena. Somehow as we cut back-and-forth between their morning makeout sessions, I had the time to note both that frisky Mason was willing to go out of frame to pleasure Katherine (that’s almost a nice way of saying it, right?) and that Elena’s purple-on-white flowered sheets could either be a subtle nod to Bella Swan’s purple flowered comforter or a pure coincidence. (What? I’ve just always liked Bella’s comforter.)

Sadly, Elena did not take Stefan up on his “Love it, let’s go” offer when she said she had to get in the shower so she could go help decorate for the Lockwood charity masquerade. Spoiler: Sweetly naughty Stefan is so much hotter than crying-in-front-of-the-fireplace Stefan. That morning montage showed the differences between the relationships: Mason wouldn’t tell Katherine where he was hiding the moon stone because he didn’t trust her (smart boy), but believed her when she said she loved him (stupid boy). He let her feed on his neck, which could have been sexy but the show still hasn’t gone there. Elena, meanwhile, meant it when she said she loved Stefan and let him drink from her finger in their ongoing effort to increase his strength. I wish Stefan would have been playful enough to give her a faux-sexy look as he sucked on her finger, but the guy needs to concentrate.

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