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January 20, 2012 AT 07:07 AM EST

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In an episode with so much to cheer about — Stefan’s reaction to the kiss Damon and Elena shared, Tyler hearing he’ll have to put himself through hell to break the sire bond, Bonnie actually having something to do — it’s the return of Elijah that got me the most excited. As in: I screamed his name. Then chanted it. Then did some fist-pumping. “Are you Team Damon or Team Stefan?” “Team Stefan or Team Klaus?” At the end of the day, it doesn’t really matter to me because I am, and always will be, Team Elijah. But let’s back up.

The hour began with Bonnie having one of her dreams. The witch spirits had clearly grown impatient with her because this was not subtle. In the Bennett witch graveyard, she got bit by Klaus after he told her he had figured out how to open the coffin. Cut to her inside the coffin lit by the light of her cell phone (which reminded me of Ryan Reynolds in Buried), screaming and violently shaking her head (which made me think if she was Cassie on The Secret Circle, she would have been able to bust herself out of it). A woman opened the coffin. We all knew it was her mother — but Bonnie didn’t. How sad was it hearing Bonnie tell Elena that she hadn’t recognized the woman’s face at first?

Stefan was annoyed that Bonnie had told Elena where the coffins were, but Bonnie felt she had to come clean if she was going to ask Elena to help her search through files on all the Abby Bennetts in the country to find her mother. Bonnie assumed the dreams were telling her that Abby would know how to open the sealed casket. It was Damon who produced an address in Monroe, N.C., and he wanted to go on the road trip. Elena told him Bonnie hadn’t seen her mother in 15 years, so they didn’t need him and his commentary along for the ride. Damon gave Elena a pout and a smile. Bonnie asked what was going on between them. “We kissed. Now it’s weird,” he told her. “Have a great trip,” he added for Elena. Really, we just needed something for Bonnie and Elena to talk about on their drive other than the fact that Bonnie’s mother never wrote or called, even after Grams died. Bonnie wanted to know if the kiss had been good. Elena said it doesn’t matter. Bonnie knew that meant it was. Correct.

Stefan called the girls for an update, and Elena tried to tell him that they were waiting for more possible addresses from Sheriff Forbes and spending the night at the lake house to get a break from his craziness. Stefan had been visited by Klaus, who’d helped himself to tunes and booze at Salvatore Mansion while he waited to negotiate with Stefan for the coffins now that his hybrids had left town. They’d traded threats, but Stefan knew Klaus was on to the fact that he was stalling. Stefan told Elena they needed to move quicker. Elena thought he’d bought her lie, but he was in her house, holding the sheet of paper with Bonnie’s mother’s address on it. (You left it on the kitchen table, ladies?) You assumed he’d show up in time to save them, right? That’s why it’s great that Elena ended up having to save him.

NEXT: Bonnie meets her mom, who isn’t a cougar (miss you, Matt’s mother!)

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