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Mandi Bierly
November 30, 2012 AT 03:41 AM EST

Well, how are you feeling Delena fans? Happy that they got busy, or sad that it comes with the bombshell that Elena may only have done it because she has a sire bond with Damon? Let’s dig in.

We opened with a tank-top wearing Stefan doing push-ups while updating his “sober sponsor” Caroline — who was busy organizing the Miss Mystic Falls pageant — about him breaking up with Elena because she has feelings for Damon. Caroline vowed to talk sense into her, and when their call ended, Klaus was there to put Stefan in a choke hold. He’s not happy that Stefan let the vampire cure secret out of the bag.

After Stefan told Damon about the breakup back at Salvatore Mansion, I believe Damon genuinely wanted to be there for his brother when he offered to tag-team Professor Shane to find another vampire hunter or get drunk and brother-bond over some sorority girls. If there’s one thing Damon understands, it’s heartbreak. But Stefan doubted Damon was really thinking of him at that moment. “Let’s not pretend like this isn’t the best day of your life,” Stefan said.

At the pageant, Caroline made her disapproval of Elena’s newbie vampire confusion of the heart known. Then, she backed off. Elena just wants time to figure out what these intensified feelings for Damon are (read: love or lust). They got interrupted by Professor Shane, who’s judging the pageant, and yes, finally!, someone thinks it might be creepy that Bonnie is as obsessed with Shane-approved magic as she is. (We wouldn’t see Bonnie at all this episode. Did you miss her? Kinda interesting that Shane is getting more screen time than her these days.) While they unloaded kegs for the party, Jeremy and Matt informed us that Matt is escorting reigning Miss Mystic Falls Caroline and Jeremy is current contestant April’s date. Oh, and Jeremy now has superhuman strength as a freshly-awakened hunter, and so much energy all the time. (Do not think dirty thoughts. Do not think dirty thoughts. I blame this photo.) Matt was worried, but not Jeremy. “I’ll be fine,” he said. Famous last words.

Stefan, meanwhile, was at the hospital looking for someone he could turn into a vampire so he or she could be killed and fill out more of Jeremy’s hunter’s mark. He got lucky because a convicted murderer just happened to be a patient. Buh-bye. Klaus showed up at the Lockwoods to confirm his date with Caroline for tomorrow’s pageant. Reluctantly, she agreed to bump Matt for Klaus because it would help convince Klaus that she was over Tyler (also because of those puppy dog eyes). I thought for sure she would turn around and correct herself after she told Klaus not to buy her anything, not even a corsage. I mean, jewelry is nice.

Speaking of Tyler, he showed up at the abandoned farm where Hayley was “helping” another hybrid break her sire bond to Klaus by having her turn so many times that it would no longer hurt. The hybrid was right — breaking every bone in her body was torture enough, she didn’t need to hear Hayley try to convince Tyler that they should go to the pageant, too, to keep up appearances. Hayley got her way.

Over at the Gilbert house, Elena’s vampire superskills didn’t include being able to undo her own necklace clasp, so Jeremy offered to help — then he tried to strangle her with the necklace to the point of decapitation. His hair looked off to me, so I’m glad that was just a dream. He woke up in bed, sweaty. Kinda hot. Apparently he’d been whittling a stake in his sleep. Not hot.

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