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November 29, 2016 AT 02:15 AM EST

Vanderpump Rules

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Before we get into the episode, we need to address the steak-size elephant in the room. While hilarious for Tom to trick Sandavol and Jax into eating steak that was once between his own naked butt cheeks, it’s neither sanitary nor a way to show your friends you care. But Sandoval has moved past it (he’s been doing weekly spa sessions with Tom) and so should we…

Ariana and Tom head to Fat Sal’s with Jeremy, Ariana’s baby brother, in tow because he’s the couple’s new houseguest. *Fingers crossed he becomes like Cedric, wearing deep V-neck shirts and asking for money.*

Rolling up in her Rover, Lala joins them to give details on her latest hangout with James “I’m a DJ” Kennedy. Apparently, James has a new woman in his life, and no, it’s not Kristen again (thank gawd). It’s Raquel, the model who also works with kids with special needs. Verdict is still out on why she likes him enough to live with him, but she does refer to him as “perfect,” so that’s a red flag.

Meanwhile in the new and ongoing feud between Scheana and Katie: Loyalties are still in question after Scheana had a friendly sit-down with Lala. As if channeling the war room from Dr. Strangelove, Katie meets with Kristen and Stassi to decide how they should proceed with Scheana’s betrayal.

Scheana must sense this because while she’s at work, Lala tries to strike up a friendly conversation with her and she shoots her down. “I’m friends with Katie and you talking to me just makes me uncomfortable,” Scheana says, causing Lala to gasp. Feeling proud of herself, Scheana texts Kristen and tells her all about shutting down Lala. Kristen immediately reports this back to the girls who all clap and clink their glasses together, satisfied with their friend returning to the fold.

Katie isn’t completely on solid ground with everyone in her life, though; her fiancé is still on the fence about their relationship. Tom decides he should have a therapy session with Dr. Brandi (no relation to Glanville) to talk about his fears of marrying Katie. When she’s drinking, she gets a little too crazy for sweet Tom’s tastes, and he’s afraid that will only get worse if no one tells her. And he doesn’t want to be the one to tell her. But Dr. Brandi challenges him to tell Katie his feelings on her drinking.

When he gets back to their apartment, Katie is in full de-stress mode, coloring in her adult coloring book and drinking wine out of a short glass. Probably not the best moment for Tom to walk in on, but alas, he does tell Katie how he really feels, and of course, it doesn’t go well. “You just dropped a bomb on me,” Katie spits out as she rushes to the kitchen, where she eats large amounts of iceberg lettuce.

NEXT: James goes off on Lisa and Ken. See ya later, Mr. Kennedy.

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