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'Weeds' recap: Going south

With her life in L.A. up in flames, Nancy heads to the Mexican border, where a new job in the drug biz -- and some old family issues -- await

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‘Weeds’ recap: Going south

Greetings, Weeds wackers, and welcome to season 4. I will be your hostess on this likely turbulent flight from fictional Agrestic, in the L.A. suburbs, to Ren Mar, just outside San Diego, where the Botwin clan, sans hangers-on, will set up house (and shop) for another somewhat nonsensical venture. Why was I chosen to be your TV Watch guide this time around, you ask? Well, I do happen to have an unusual credential — namely, my book, Pot Culture: The A-Z Guide to Stoner Language and Life, which came out in April and was partly inspired by the success of the show. I tell you this not to see the book’s ranking inch up on Amazon (though that’s always nice), but in the interest of full disclosure: Weeds was high on Pot Culture’s list of ”Must-see Stoner TV” shows because I genuinely love the series. And even when the story line has been a bit lacking or veered off course (Andy’s Army stint), or when the production tried to cash in on some casting cache (ahem, Mary-Kate Olsen), I continue to be wowed by the mere fact that it’s on television.

Anyway, the point of this diatribe: I try not to be overly critical, but to provide more of a pointed recap (along with behind-the-scenes tidbits and a pot fact here and there) in my TV Watches, leaving it to you, faithful viewers (and hopefully readers), to duke it out. So let’s stay focused, have an intelligent debate, and appreciate the fact that, even for cable, Weeds has broken many old-guard Hollywood rules and helped bring TV up to date with permissive culture. And it has done so under a conservative government, which is certainly something to cheer for. With that in mind, Weeds creator Jenji Kohan promises that season 4 will be ultrapolitical, and so the journey south to the U.S.-Mexico border begins…

Someone’s passing gas in the car and it ain’t Andy, Shane, or Silas. Just another day for the Botwins, where three-quarters of the family members are, as usual, unknowing accessories to a crime perpetrated by unlikely ringleader Nancy. And not just unlikely, but unqualified, as she’s proven time and time again. But this infraction — arson on top of the grow operation and distribution network, not to mention the dead DEA-agent husband — is a new career high for Nancy. Getting out of it, or around it, will require some serious craftiness.

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