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'Weeds' recap: Growing...'up'?

Nancy talks sex with Shane and Silas, while Andy and Doug become love-seeking heroes down Mexico way

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‘Weeds’ recap: Growing…’up’?

First, an apology for last week’s recap. I may have rushed the end a bit, leaving off a detail or two, but I have a totally valid excuse: The cops were at my house! You see, I like to write the Weeds watch outside on my patio and usually late at night — it’s L.A., where it rarely gets too cold. Well, last week, as my preview DVD was winding down to its last minutes, I heard an odd rustling noise coming from the other side of my fence, so I called LAPD and had them check it out. Sure enough, there was a homeless guy basically living back there. In the excitement and drama that ensued, I know I neglected to mention a couple of things, so I’ll make every effort to correct myself. Sorry, dudes.

In retrospect, it was actually quite fitting, since last week’s episode — involving bombings, rough sex, and border dashes — was so fast-paced and action-packed. The same can’t be said for episode 9, titled ”Little Boats,” but I kind of liked it that way. A slower narrative, more about looking inward than watching your back, was a welcome respite. And it’s nice to see Nancy remove the facade every once in a while. When she’s being real, the mom cap suits her, as we saw more than once on Monday night.

Helping to bring out Nancy’s softer side was her new boyfriend, Esteban. Sure, he was canceling on her for their third time, but like a schoolgirl with a crush on the quarterback, Nancy was trying her best to be cool with it. ”Duty calls,” Esteban explained. ”What are you, Batman?” Nancy cracked. With a promise to make it up to her, and some soft-core, over-the-phone sex chatter, during which Esteban revealed that his milky-white woman, indeed, tastes like white chocolate, it was on…big time. ”Tomorrow night, you’ll eat lobster, and I will eat you, ” was Esteban’s sign-off.

Silas immediately took notice of his usually absent mom being stuck indoors for another night. ”Smells like you have a date,” he said, while carrying a tray of plant clones. It was time to explain his grow-room plan. ”Something kind of fell into my lap,” he told Nancy, who quickly deduced that the ”something” was also responsible for his frequent sleep-aways. Enter Doug, who’s getting the least action of all of them. ”I’m simpatico,” he told Nancy. ”I know why the caged bird sings, Nance. It hurts! The bird hurts. I’ll give you back later with Cheetos and mothballs if you wanna get high and listen to my cry tape.”

The next day found Celia still hard up for money and desperate for coke, so she resorted to swindling the maternity store by discouraging customers from using credit cards, then accepting whatever cash they had on hand and pocketing it. Anything to get that fix.

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