The Man in the High Castle

Season 1
EPISODE 10 Aired Thursday, Nov 19
Joe is on his way to Mexico, Wegener is on his way to kill Hitler, and Tagomi is on his way to another moment in time
EPISODE 9 Aired Thursday, Nov 19
Frank and Juliana finally see the new film, and it changes everything about their world and this show
EPISODE 8 Aired Thursday, Nov 19
When a new film, controlled by the Yakuza, brings Joe back into Juliana's life, everyone is suddenly in danger.
EPISODE 7 Aired Thursday, Nov 19
Juliana tries to confirm that Trudy is in fact dead while Frank runs from the Kempeitai and Joe gets a new mission.
EPISODE 6 Aired Thursday, Nov 19
With the Kempeitai getting closer to Frank, Juliana and Joe go looking for more clues, and get more than they bargained for.
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