The Voice

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EPISODE 26 Aired Tuesday, May 19
It only took two hours and approximately 1,800 musical moments, but 'The Voice' declared the winner you knew it would.
EPISODE 25 Aired Monday, May 18
The Final 4 debut their original singles and their coaches request that we kindly not crush their dreams.
EPISODE 24 Aired Tuesday, May 12
Tonight's Bottom 2 cement the beginning of the likely end; but even if there isn't much suspense left, at least there are original songs (and music videos) on the way.
EPISODE 23 Aired Monday, May 11
The dramatic ballads that start the Semi-Finals don't do much, but performances that come along with Hometown Visits bring the right kind of inspiration.
EPISODE 22 Aired Tuesday, May 05
Christina faces happiness and heartbreak as her last remaining contestants face the Bottom Two.
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