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50 Cent gives rapping teacher his seal of approval

A teacher in East London got the attention of famed rapper 50 Cent after a video of the educator rhyming to engage with his students went viral.

Christian Foley, who’s rap name is Just Muz, shared a video on Facebook showing him rapping about English and math, much to the joy of the students whose shouts of appreciation can be heard throughout.

50 Cent somehow got wind of the clip and shared it along with the comment, “He actually got some flow.”

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50 Cent becomes Cyborg for son's Teen Titans Go!-themed birthday party

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Go shorty: It’s your birthday!

On Saturday, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson took to Instagram to share photos from his son Sire‘s 4th birthday bash. In attendance? Cyborg and Starfire — A.K.A. 50 Cent and Daphne Joy, Sire’s mom, committing 100 percent to the Teen Titans Go! theme in full costume.

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50 Cent pitches his own parody convenience store for Jimmy Kimmel

For a rapper who once made his name as a hardcore gangsta with the bullet wounds to prove it, 50 Cent (real name Curtis Jackson) has shown a lighter side in recent years. Whether it’s becoming a GQ writer’s life coach or tweeting about having to take out his grandma’s garbage, 50 Cent has demonstrated a hilarious levity about his own persona.

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Power's new moves: Everything you need to know about season 3

It’s a blustery day in early spring, and inside a cube-sized set designed to look like a working class New York City apartment — think aged brocade couches, linoleum floors, and sentimental knick knacks — the atmosphere is just as chilly during takes of a scene featuring rapper Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson in heated discussion with another character.

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Power season 3: Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson reveals racy plans

As an executive producer, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson helped develop Power’s hip-hop driven sensibility. As an actor playing Kanan, a cutthroat ex-convict, he brings the show’s street-savvy edge to life. Speaking with EW, Jackson touches on the upcoming season, Power’s influence on his music career, ramping up the show’s sex scenes, and more.

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