Aaron Stanford


I loved “Shonin.” And I hated “Shonin.”

Since the pilot, Ramse has been one of, if not the, funniest, most emotionally resonant, and enjoyable-to-watch characters on the show. So it was great to see Kirk Acevedo in a frequently surprising and thrilling showcase episode for everything he brings to the role.

But it’s tough to watch a beloved character transform into the character who may very well be the season’s Big Bad, even in one of the season’s best episodes.

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'The Red Forest'

Cole’s in a bad place, metaphorically and literally, on 12 Monkeys. After finding the Night Room but failing to stop the viral outbreak, Cole was thrown back into 2043 at the end of the last episode, only to find that the future had in fact changed—but not for the better.

Instead, he returns to a 2043 in “The Red Forest” where the West 7 rules the time travel facility, Jones is a lowly repairwoman, and a Nick Fury-looking Ramse, complete with eyepatch and badass coat, now runs the West 7.

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