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I'm watching Dance Moms with my 8-year-old twin daughters: Episode 17

“Stupid mini moms!” That’s what one of my daughters shouted at the TV about 2 minutes and 23 seconds into the latest episode of Dance Moms, when we saw that the minis were back this week.

“Maya! That’s not nice!” I reprimanded. However, about 17 seconds later, I realized that statement was dead-on and I silently reprimanded myself for reprimanding her.

I realize that things aren’t always what they seem on TV, and I hate to judge from my couch, but let me tell you why these mini moms are indeed “stupid.”

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Dance Moms' Abby Lee Miller indicted on charges
of fraud

Abby Lee Miller, usually the one delivering harsh words in the studio, has received some unwelcome news herself. The 50-year-old Dance Moms star has been indicted on charges of bankruptcy fraud, concealment of bankruptcy assets, and false bankruptcy declarations, Attorney David J. Hickton announced Wednesday.   

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Abby Lee Miller and Maddie Ziegler share an emotional moment on Dance Moms — exclusive

The finale of Dance Moms means the end of another competition season for the Abby Lee Dance Company, and with some fierce opposition on the horizon, the girls have plenty of work to do before taking the stage. They’ll have to dig deep for the group number, “Waiting Room,” but will it be enough to take home a win?

In this exclusive clip from the finale, the girls are struggling to deliver the intensity Abby is looking for until Melissa suggests Maddie draw on the memory of Abby’s mother, Maryen Lorrain Miller. See the emotional moment above.

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Abby Lee Miller of 'Dance Moms' sued by student from show

Dance Moms

Image Credit: Scott Gries/Lifetime

Paige Hyland, a 13-year old cast member and dancer on Lifetime’s Dance Moms has filed a lawsuit against Dance Moms’ Abby Lee Miller. Hyland is suing Miller for emotional distress caused by the alleged mental and physical abuse by Miller for the sake of drama on the show.

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