Adelaide Kane

Reign: Adelaide Kane on whether Mary's moving on with Gideon

For Reign’s Mary Queen of Scots, life has always been complicated. But without her husband by her side — and with Elizabeth trying to take her down — things are more difficult now than they’ve ever been. And that difficulty will eventually drive Mary back to Scotland. 

We spoke with star Adelaide Kane about Mary’s upcoming journey, and whether there’s potential for a new romance.

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'Reign' cast teases 'lots of death,' new villains in season 2


When the cast of Reign hit their Comic-Con panel, we discovered a few things about what to expect from season 2, including more on the plague, future famine, and potential new love interests for Catherine. (Also: More sex!) But when stars Adelaide Kane, Toby Regbo, and Megan Follows stopped by EW’s video hangout, we got further information on what will be happening when royal viewers return to France this fall.

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