Aimee Mann

Death Cab for Cutie, Jim James, more protest Donald Trump with new songs

After writer Dave Eggers attended a Donald Trump rally this past June, he realized now would be a good time for the “resurrection of the political protest song.” So he called up some artists, including Jim James and Aimee Mann, who wrote tracks for a project that would later become a playlist titled 30 Days, 30 Songs.

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Aimee Mann is lovesick after David Wain cures the Common Cold -- EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

I M Cured

Image Credit: Joel Moss Levinson

It’s been a tough winter. Chances are you have a cold, had a cold, or are about to be catch a cold. But enough about you. What about the Common Cold? You’ve been through a lot together, and while everyone says they would welcome a cure, very few seem to appreciate what that “break-up” might really mean.

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