A.J. Bowen

You're Next stars reunite for horror-thriller Applecart — exclusive images

Barbara Crampton and A.J. Bowen, both of whom appeared in the modern horror classic You’re Next, have reunited for the new horror-thriller Applecart, it was announced today. The movie, currently in production, concerns a family’s murderous encounter in the woods and is related in a dual storyline that explores two very different perspectives.

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SXSW: Exclusive Teenage Cocktail teaser has masks, money, and mayhem

In the new romance-thriller Teenage Cocktail, Nichole Bloom (Shameless) and Fabianne Therese (Starry Eyes) play small town high-schoolers Annie and Jules, who fall in love and hatch a scheme to finance their escape to New York by webcam modeling. Their plan goes awry when Jules’ ex-boyfriend discovers the pair’s relationship and shares their photos with the entire school.

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A.J. Bowen goes into deep freeze in exclusive clip from sci-fi film The Reconstruction of William Zero

You could program a very short but very high-quality genre film festival out of the movies that feature actors Amy Seimetz and A.J. Bowen. The latest project to showcase the costars of You’re Next, The Sacrament, and A Horrible Way to Die is The Reconstruction of William Zero, which arrives in cinemas and on VOD, April 10.

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