Alan Alda

This video shows why your favorite TV doctors are worse than reality

A group of famous fake television doctors have linked up to encourage Americans to go see a real doctor.

Cigna, a health insurance company, has released a new video promoting annual health check-ups, and it happens to star actors who have played legendary TV doctors. Helping with the campaign and proving that they would make terrible real-life doctors are Patrick Dempsey (Grey’s Anatomy), Alan Alda (M*A*S*H), Lisa Edelstein (House), Donald Faison (Scrubs), and Noah Wyle (ER).

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Becoming Meryl Streep: 6 things we learned at the Seduction of Joe Tynan event

No earthly tribute could possibly come close to doing justice to the monumental contributions Meryl Streep has made to cinema, but writer Michael Schulman tried in earnest, publishing the enlightening biography Her Again: Becoming Meryl Streep, in which he dedicates nearly 300 pages to the three-time Oscar-winning actress’ life and career — particularly her “artistic coming of age” throughout the 1970s.

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The best quotes from 2015 celebrity commencement speeches

Graduating college is an exciting achievement, but the four-hour ceremonies can be a bit of a buzzkill—that is, unless a famous person is on hand to give the commencement speech. A handful of celebrities have spoken to the class of 2015, offering insights for the future as well as some laughs. (Some even broke out into song.) We’ve rounded up the most inspirational (and witty) things they had to say below.

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Critical Mass: Sparks fly in The Longest Ride

It goes without saying that the ladies in Nicholas Sparks movies are always beautiful, inside and out. But let’s be honest: his films are better known for their men. From Gosling to Efron, Costner to Tatum, a Sparksian romantic hero is the quintessential strong-silent type with a sensitive, often-suffering soul. They don’t just ache for their loves, they use that longing as fuel to restore houses, refurbish boats, or some other manly metaphor.

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