Alexandra Park

The Royals star Alexandra Park talks love affairs and season 2 spoilers

Move over, Harry: Britain’s most rebellious royal is back. (On TV, that is.) With the return of The Royals to E! on Sunday, hard-partying Princess Eleanor (Alexandra Park) is set to light sparks as she and her twin (William Moseley) seek revenge for King Simon’s murder, while their mother, Queen Helena (Elizabeth Hurley), schemes to take back the throne from caddish Cyrus (Jake Maskall).

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The Royals star Alexandra Park reveals season 2 secrets: 'The stakes are higher, and it’s twisted'

If you thought the sex, drugs, murder and scandalous secrets featured throughout the first season of The Royals were  insane, then prepare for a rollercoaster of a ride in the show’s second season. “We’ve gone even further in terms of stakes and relationships,” says Alexandra Park, who plays troubled Princess Eleanor on the hit E! series.

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