Amy Linden
May 01, 1992 AT 04:00 AM EDT

Alyson Williams

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Alyson Williams

We gave it a B

In pre-CD days, records had A and B sides: Alyson Williams’ second effort, Alyson Williams’ could be divided up as girl gets boy, and girl loses boy. Her smoky, expansive alto, with more than a touch of growl to it, is better suited for singing about getting dissed than about being kissed. The up-tempo tracks, including her hit R&B single, ”Can’t Have My Man,” are stylish but standard issue, thanks largely to the lyrics, which feature R&B clichés (including such old faves as ”I wanna be good to you,” ”You better treat her right,” and ”Are you man enough?”). Once Williams is done making nice, she gets down to business, with five smoldering, moody, and ultimately more soul-satisfying cuts in a row. The slow burn of the bluesy ”Everybody Knew But Me” is an ”I’ve been dumped” triumph, and Williams plays the good-woman-done-wrong role to the hilt. Hope her personal life is peaceful — because when she sings, a scorned Williams is a lot more happening. B

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