Rob Brunner
May 10, 2009 AT 08:27 PM EDT

Sigh. Yes, she’s at it again. Just when it seemed like troubled singer Amy Winehouse might be getting it together a bit — she’s been working on a new album, which, despite all of the craziness, we’re dying to hear — she’s returned with another wacky episode. Winehouse was set to play her first concert of the year in St. Lucia on Friday, but she cut the show short after a somewhat kooky set. The official reason given for the aborted concert was bad weather, but before she left the stage Winehouse had apparently been forgetting lyrics and performing erratically. At one point, she reportedly fell down. Check out a clip from the St. Lucia show below, then let us know: Are you excited for a new Winehouse album? Or have you had about enough of her sorry spectacle?

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