Andrew Dice Clay

Bill Maher compares Donald Trump to Andrew Dice Clay on Real Time

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay has been a controversial figure, thanks to his often deemed offensive persona, “The Diceman.” In an interview with Rolling Stone he even recalled a meeting with filmmaker Woody Allen in which the comic made a point to say, “I need you to know that Andrew is in the room, not the Diceman.” 

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Dice premiere react: Andrew Dice Clay wants to curb your enthusiasm

Yes, now it’s Andrew Dice Clay’s turn at the prestige cable show. Although the Diceman was riling up crowds with controversial standup bits long before Curb Your Enthusiasm or Louis C.K.’s breakthrough success, he now finds himself following in the footsteps of their successes, transferring from standup to a sitcom based around his worldview. The opening seconds of the show explain Dice’s situation: He’s not really doing standup anymore, mostly gambling out in Las Vegas while living with his girlfriend, Carmen.

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Andrew Dice Clay talks Vinyl: 'Record company guys were out of their f---ing minds!'

Comedian Andrew Dice Clay has had the kind of colorful, controversial, rollercoaster career that we do not really have the time to summarize here. Suffice it to say , he was the first standup to sell out Madison Square Garden, Saturday Night Live cast member Nora Dunn found his defiantly un-PC stage persona so repugnant she boycotted the episode he hosted back in 1990, and by the mid-aughts, Clay’s career had nosedived to such a degree that he seemed to have taken up permanent residence in pop culture’s garbage can of history.

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