Andrew McMahon

Andrew McMahon teases new album: 'I think this record’s going to be the best I’ve ever made'

Andrew McMahon has had many faces in the music industry — the singer-songwriter began his career by fronting the early 2000s pop punk band Something Corporate, then transitioned to alternative group Jack’s Mannequin, before releasing his solo album Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness , using the LP’s name as his stage moniker as well, in 2014. Now, McMahon is preparing his second release for Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness, and he tells EW, “I think this record’s going to be the best I’ve ever made.”

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Andrew McMahon on the possibility of a Something Corporate revival: 'I’m sure we’ll play together again'

Singer-songwriter Andrew McMahon is working on a new solo album and preparing for a summer tour, but he took a quick break from looking ahead to reflect on the projects that led him to his solo career, one of which being Something Corporate, the pop-punk band made popular in the early-aughts.

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