Andy Kaufman

Saturday Night Live: Relive 42 years of auditions

It’s been 41 years since the words “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” were first uttered. It was George Carlin who hosted that fateful premiere at studio 8H, and the sketch comedy world was never the same. (Fun fact: The reason the phrase is worded that way is because the show was originally called NBC’s Saturday Night. Even after the switch to the current name in 1977, it stuck).

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8 of the most notorious Letterman moments

When David Letterman signs off from the Ed Sullivan Theater one last time on May 20, he’ll be saying goodbye to decades of interviews with celebrities and “celebrities” alike. As a farewell to Late Show With David Letterman, we’ve sifted through his countless chats—from the CBS program as well as his old NBC show, Late Night—to revisit the most ridiculous, notorious, and memorably off-script appearances Letterman’s ever emceed.

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Andy Kaufman is dead, but Tony Clifton still wants your applause

Tony Clifton

Image Credit: Comedy Store

Before he lip-synched to children’s songs on Saturday Night, before he played Latka on Taxi, before he wrestled ladies on Merv Griffin, Andy Kaufman hitchhiked cross-country from the East Coast to Las Vegas to meet his idol, Elvis Presley. Too broke to buy Elvis tickets, he hid out in a broom closet for a couple days and waylaid the King backstage.

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