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Brooklyn Nine-Nine and New Girl crossover: Jake and Jess crash a car

Monday, you saw Jake (Andy Samberg) and Jess (Zooey Deschanel) meet in a first look from the upcoming Brookyln Nine-Nine and New Girl crossover. Today, you see them crash a car. 

See, Jake made Jess turn over her car — er, Schmidt’s mom’s car — to him so he could chase a suspect. Despite her pleas to him to drive carefully so she doesn’t spill her soup, he crashes the car.

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Critical Mass: Queen of Katwe holds court over Magnificent Seven

With the fall movie season upon us, sifting through the fluff to find the right film for you can be a daunting task. This weekend, new movies starring Lupita Nyong’o, Jennifer Aniston, and Denzel Washington hit theaters, and EW’s Critical Mass guide is here to help steer you in the right direction.

Scroll down to see what the critics are saying about this week’s hottest new titles in the reviews below. 

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The Magnificent Seven

Opens Sept. 23. 

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Andy Samberg asks Neil deGrasse Tyson about alien life

James Corden’s interview approach, which places every Late Late Show guest on the couch at once, can often lead to fascinating pairings. On Wednesday night, for instance, Corden had both comedian Andy Samberg and physicist Neil deGrasse Tyson as guests. He allowed Samberg to ask Tyson three questions, and the comedian immediately popped off: “Are we alone in the universe? Is time travel possible? And if you have sex with a robot, does it count as cheating?” 

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Andy Samberg recalls meeting his hero Mel Brooks

Jimmy Kimmel is set to host the Emmys later this month, so on Tuesday night he asked his guest (and last year’s host) Andy Samberg if he had any advice. Samberg’s most vivid memory, however, came not from the ceremony itself but the after-party, where he finally met his longtime comedy idol, Mel Brooks.

“I love comedy and I have a lot of heroes, but he’s my all-time No. 1,” Samberg said. “It’s like, you are the grandfather of everything I’ve liked since.”

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Orlando Bloom joins Andy Samberg's HBO mockumentary, Tour de Pharmacy

The cast of HBO’s Tour de Pharmacy is growing. Orlando Bloom (Pirates of the Carribbean) has been cast in Andy Samberg’s new HBO mockumentary, EW has confirmed. 

The project, written by Murray Miller, will tackle the blood doping scandal in professional cycling. This is Samberg and Miller’s second HBO film as they previously collaborated on the 2015 tennis satire 7 Days in Hell

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Andy Samberg reteams with HBO for doping comedy Tour de Pharmacy

Andy Samberg and HBO are reuniting to skewer the sports world again.

The premium cable network has made a production commitment for Samberg and Murray Miller’s Tour de Pharmacy, a mockumentary taking on blood-doping scandals in professional cycling, EW has confirmed.

The project marks the follow-up to Samberg and Miller’s tennis satire 7 Days in Hell, which aired on HBO last year.

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